Let’s talk about shoes

It’s saturday! I went out for 10.5 delightful miles this morning on one of my favorite routes up along Phinney Ridge and through North Seattle. Whenever I run through Greenwood and Phinney I make a mental note that I should come back and explore those neighborhoods more thoroughly during daylight hours–there seems to be a ton of interesting coffee shops, used bookstores and antique shops to peek into. Now I am waiting for some cultures to grow and avoiding putting together a talk by blogging.

The point of this post is shoes. This might not be the most hard-hitting or revolutionary premise, but the shoes you run in are the most important piece of equipment that you own! Running in poorly fitting or worn-out shoes is a one-way ticket to injury-city. The type of shoe you wear also has a huge impact on your stride. Shoes with lots of padding and cushioning provide some impact protection, but they tend to treat the symptoms of problematic running form without addressing the underlying technique issues. 
I myself have been trying to make the transition to a more minimal shoe ever since recovering from the calcaneal stress fracture I suffered (6 weeks with no running- you BET I suffered) in 2012. I also am practicing a shoe rotation. The idea behind this is by varying my shoe from day-to-day I avoid overuse injuries because each shoe will have my foot striking the ground at slightly different impact points. It sounds trivial, but when you run you are taking roughly 1400 strides per mile….each of those impacts really does add up!

Right now I’m rocking three pairs of shoes. I have a pair of Saucony Peregrines that I reserve for short, speedy runs. These have the smallest amount of cushioning (4mm heel-to-toe drop). This pair currently has 235 miles on them, which means they’re probably ripe for replacement soon. 

I recently started running in a pair of Mizuno Wave Sayonaras for my long runs. They have a decent amount of cushioning (12 mm heel-to-toe drop) and they offer a nice amount of ankle support. They have 87.4 miles on them so far. The design of the shoe is really aesthetically pleasing (they’re teal! they match the rest of all of my gear!). My favorite little bonus feature is that it says “Wave Sayonara” on the back…nice motivation to pass people. 
Last and certainly not least are my Mizuno Ronins. I love these shoes so much. They have an 8mm heel-to-toe drop, they are light as a feather while providing a surprising amount of support, and they are SPEEDY. Somehow whenever I put them on my cadence gets a little quicker and I feel a little lighter on my feet. I ran the Half Marathon at the Seattle Marathon in these shoes. They have also taken me on runs in Washington DC, and Colorado. They’re a great shoe for racing in. Plus…they’re teal. This pair has 228 miles on them, and I will definitely be replacing them with an identical pair. I know that objects are just objects, but I get a little sentimental about a good shoe that has taken my feet good places. 

Hopefully I haven’t bored you all silly with my shoe soliloquy. I didn’t even scratch the surface of orthotics or my opinion of those vibram 5-fingers (quick preview: I think they are goofy). I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!

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