Passion play

I’ve been listening to a new podcast on my runs called “Knowledge for Men.” Sometimes it’s nice to run with music (especially if I have a hard interval workout) and often it’s nice to just run with my mental-mind-thoughts, but I also enjoy listening to podcasts and learning something new when I’m out for a shorter excursion, like today’s little 4.5-miler. The format of this podcast is the host interviews a man who has become influential in his field about their lifestyles, inspirations, and paths to success. It’s a little geared towards young entrepreneurs, a lot Bro-tastic, and a bit unsettlingly but the host has talked to some really interesting people (like Hal Elrod- who was struck by a drunk driver at 20 and went on to become an ultra-marathoner and motivational speaker, or Tony Hseih the CEO of Zappos). Obviously I skip the episodes talking about “Mastering the Art of Seduction.”
Anyway, today I was listening to an interview with Todd Henry, who is the author of a book called “Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day.” This guy said something that really resonated with me, so I thought I would share it. The word “passion” is derived from the latin root “pati” which means “to suffer.” The things that you are really TRULY passionate about are the things that you are willing to suffer for. Now I’m no masochist (OK, maybe a little bit- I am a distance runner); I generally agree with the Buddha that we should live our lives to reduce suffering. However, I really like the premise that you should take stock, self-asses, and determine just what is it in your life that is important enough for you to suffer for?
I don’t think suffering necessarily means physical pain or mental anguish. In this context I think it means what is worthwhile enough to persevere and pursue even when the path is not necessarily clear or easy? Just some things to think about as I’m logging the miles towards my marathon, logging the hours towards my PhD, or any other tribulations I might encounter.

Here’s a link to this guy’s website…I might give him a little more of a look over: 

Thanks for reading! Over and out

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