Count IT!

I went to a great yoga class today and we did some breathing techniques that involved internally counting the breaths we were taking as we progressed through the postures. After a nice long deep savasana and our final Oms I turned my brain back on and started thinking  little bit about counting. 

I like counting. I love numbers and patterns. When I swim laps I count in my head. When I want to up my pace running I count my strides. When I knit I count stitches. When I do classical reversion assays to measure mutation rates at work I count bacterial colonies.
A lot of bacterial colonies.

I’m sure you can chalk some or all of this up to latent (or highly active) O.C.D. However, counting things up and taking inventory can also be a great way to measure the progress you are making!

So even though January ended a few days ago. Let’s count a few things up:

January 2014:
– Miles ran: 122.25
– Money raised for the Seattle Humane Society: $405 (this blows my mind- I am SO appreciative)
There are probably many other things I could (and should) count up (swimming, knitting, reading) but I will save those for future posts.

Thanks to anyone who reads this!

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