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If a blogger falls in the forest while clapping with one hand does it make a sound?

This morning during my 6-miler around Greenlake I had a little debate with myself about this whole blogging thing. I really truly am enjoying writing posts (and taking selfies, obviously). However, I haven’t told anyone outside of my immediate family that I am actually doing this. 

Blogging, by it’s very nature, is a deeply self-indulgent practice. The very act of hitting “publish” on a post is an implicit declaration that what I have written is worth sharing with other people. While the process of writing a post is itself enjoyable, the medium of a blog is innately social. I could probably get some degree of satisfaction by writing these same posts in my own personal diary, but instead I have chosen to bring the domain name “marathonsam”into existence, and share my thoughts with the world.

Except I haven’t told anyone except for my family that I am doing this. Why is that? This isn’t to say that my family isn’t awesome (we are- it is absurd how much I love these people). 

I think that it comes down to fear. Fear of other people’s judgement and opinions. What if I tell my friends that I am blogging and they think what I have written is deeply frivolous? What if when I share the mileage I am logging and the paces I am hitting in my training, people think that I’m slow or a bad runner? What if I announce something on the blog and fail to follow through? What if I don’t hit my fundraising goals for the humane society? What if I get hit by a meteor tomorrow?
Any of those things could happen. However, I think that it is a superior exercise to share this blog with the people I know, than to keep scribbling away in isolation. After all: I admit right up front that most of the things I do are frivolous and silly. Sharing my thoughts keeps me accountable. I believe in the fundraising cause I um undertaking in this marathon training….and if I get hit by a meteor I will probably walk away with a kick-ass scar and an epic story. 
That’s all for today happy campers. What I really hope for is some feedback. I’m having fun with the writing, and I am always looking for ways to improve. 

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  1. So what if your uber-cool Magnolia neighbor posted lots of “atta boys” on your blog, as well as pithy, interesting comments, and none of them showed up?

    I am happy to hear what you have to say when I run into you around the neighborhood, over the fence, or in your living room. I look forward to your musings and your adventures.


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