The Olympics!

Happy Friday Earthlings. I am writing this blog post at my desk while I am lysozyme treating some Bacillus that I grew today. Lysozyme is an enzyme that is found in tears and saliva (although we get ours from egg whites) that cleaves the peptidoglycan cross-links in gram positive bacterial cell walls. Basically it makes the cells easier to bust open so I can get at their DNA. OK, enough shop talk. Let’s opinionate about The Olympics!

I LOVE the winter Olympics. The Olympics combine some of my favorite things in the entire world: inspiring stories of people overcoming the odds, athletes performing at their absolute peak, and patriotism. While our house of representatives often makes me think “Gee, America…I certainly love you but it is hard to like you right now” our ATHLETES (for the most part) make me proud to be an American. 

My favorite events in the Winter Olympics are Biathlon, Moguls Skiing, Downhill Skiing, Slalom Skiing, Snowboard Cross, and the Half-Pipe. Figure skating and ice-dancing can be fun to watch for the costumes. I’m really looking forward to the addition of the slope-style category in free skiing this year–it just goes to show how much the sport has evolved (and borrowed HEAVILY from snowboard culture). We have come a LONG way since the days of Ski Ballet
(Clip from “Hot Dog: the Movie,” quite possibly the greatest ski movie ever made)

In honor of the Olympics I launched several gold-medal caliber snot rockets during my frigid five-miler this morning. I also have been wearing my USA hat all day. 

I’m probably going to skip the opening ceremonies tonight, but I see that Hannah Kearny KILLED it in the ladies’ moguls. GO USA! I’m kind of glad Shaun White isn’t competing in the Men’s Slopestyle for snowboarding, I think it will give some other athletes a chance to shine. 

How about y’all out there in blog-land. What are your favorite events to watch? 

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