The perks of being an early riser

Early to bed, and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. I apologize for speaking in cliches, but cut me some slack– it’s still early. I love waking up and getting stuff done in the morning. I’m still waiting on the wealth and wisdom (a PhD program isn’t exactly a one-way street to joining the one percent), but being an early riser does wonders for my physical and mental health. I guess one could argue that the hours I keep and the miles I run aren’t exactly the schedule of your ordinary sane-person; that might be true, but why be ordinary?

This morning I got up, laced up my Sayonaras, and bopped out the door for a dozen mile run. It was dark, it was chilly, it was wonderful. My reward for finishing was a spectacular sunrise:

A spectacular sunrise, and a bowl of oatmeal as big as my entire face. 
Now the sun is shining, the cat’s awake

And it is time to go seize this Saturday. I’m going to bike into work to Immuno-Precipitate the bacterial recombination protein and write a little bit about plasmids. Later I think my main goal for today is to re-pot my Aloe plant (this sensational succulent is getting out-of-hand)

and watch the finals for women’s moguls. (USA USA USA!)

How about y’all? Any exciting Saturday plans?

Are you an early-bird? A night-owl? An afternoon-anteater?

One thought on “The perks of being an early riser

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  1. Someone told me there is a saying in China that goes something like “If you think the world is crowded, get up at 4:30 in the morning.” Good stuff to feed the soul. Good luck with the aloe plant. Thanks for the bonus kitty photo.


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