Microbiology recruitment!

So today ruled. Our department is interviewing prospective students for the incoming graduate class. As part of their interview visit, the graduate students take them on a city tour. I always volunteer to be a driver for the city tour because:

1) I love doing the tourist-y stuff in Seattle. This city is awesome, and I so rarely venture down to the market or seattle center to take advantage of what it has to offer.
2) I enjoy interacting with the prospective students in a non-formal setting.
3) Driving a Chevy Suburban with the UW logo on it makes me feel powerful.
Yesterday’s post was pretty long and wordy. I’m going to shut my mouth (for the most part) and let the pictures dothe talking.
Today started with a 7 mile tempo run (bonus points for spotting the giant michelob ultra logo on my shirt. Michelob: the fuel of choice when gu doesn’t cut it)

We picked up the recruits and took them to Pike place market. I ate a million free samples and purchased some spicy/sweet ghost pepper jelly.

This giant squid statue was a new discovery for me

Then we headed to Seattle Center

And visited the Dale Chihuly Gardens and Glass Exhibition. I LOVE Chihuly. I think his art (and his personality) has an exuberance and joy that is unmatched. His sense of color is astounding, and the forms he is able to create with glass are mind boggling. This is my third visit to the museum, and every time I go I discover some new glass protuberance or trick of the light I hadn’t noticed before.

After Chihuly we had a great lunch at Tom Douglas’ newest restaurant, Brave Horse Tavern. Then it was time to take the recruits back to the hotel.
I had time to go to a slightly unconvincing seminar about genomic evolution in Yersinis pestis (the causitive agent of Black Plague). Help me out plague people: that guy says plague never recombines, but a ton of its genome is on plasmids….this might be a dumb question, but are those plasmids mobile?
I finished my day with some quicky qPCRs to see if replication-transcription conflicts are worse at the beginning or the end of the gene. I think it’s gonna be the end, but we shall see. (The Plate Pyramid got out of hand, but we shall build another!)

That was my groovy Tuesday. Did anyone out there in internet land do anything cool? What do y’all think of Chihuly? Has anyone seen any of his other works like the ceiling at the belaggio?

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  1. Cathy! You must come out and visit! It would be great to see you and Amber and Shanti…or maybe I need to cook up a scheme to get back east.


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