What I am thinking about lately: Global Warming

Wednesday started with a 5 mile run and some core work.

Taking a selfie in bridge pose with one leg extended is no easy feat

Then it ended with some protein work. I just got two new antibodies in the mail, so I have to do some basic characterization of them before I go hog-wild with experiments. Here’s hoping for specific ChIP signal and a beautiful blot

I’ve got samples rocking AND rolling

This week I read two excellent, if highly disturbing, articles about climate change. The first was in the Sunday Review section of the New York Times, and the second was in Nature. Both articles talked about global warming through the lens of skiing and the winter sports industry. The outlook does not look good, people. Snow packs are at record lows, and if current trends continue, skiing on the coasts will be a thing of the past. Both articles mentioned that higher altitudes will be less affected in the near term, however the record low snow-pack conditions will only increase and compound upon themselves year after year. As a life-long skier and tree hugger, articles like these scare the daylights out of me.

A world without THIS is not a world I want to contemplate

If you are reading this blog, it is highly likely you are a member of my immediate family, so we can skip right past the ridiculous notion that climate change isn’t human driven or something to be worried about. For now let’s focus on what we, as global citizens and all around rock stars can DO.

More of this (that’s my old Honda accord)

Less of this (ok, technically this was taken in July)

Climate change is a vast, complicated, global issue. What I do personally is not going to get us as a planet and a species down past the carbon threshold. So what, should we just say “eff it” and give up? Heck NO. Didn’t I just write a post on Monday about the importance of focusing on incremental processes that will lead you towards your big goals? We’re not going to solve this thing tomorrow, but we certainly can start making an effort to live and lead by example to reduce greenhouse emissions.

I am no expert by any means (you’d have to call my cousin Taryn for true environmental advocacy bad-assery!) But here’s some small things I do to try and reduce my carbon footprint. They are small, but small changes truly do add up. With that said, I also want to hear how other people approach this issue. Everyone I know is smart and motivated, I’m sure y’all have some great ideas! (I know some people were having some issues with the comments on earlier posts, I am trying a new thing now which hopefully will clear that up- please email me if there still are problems).

1) I eat very little red meat. This is both a personal preference, as well as a conscious choice. Industrial agriculture accounts for a staggering amount of the carbon in the atmosphere: both from methane emissions from the cows themselves and from deforestation for grazing land.

2) I try to ride my bicycle as much as possible. Bike commuting keeps me in shape for triathlon season (I live on top of a STEEP hill) and keeps my gas bill cheap.

I also recognize that, in my life, there are some areas for improvement. It’s embarrassing how often we leave the lights on in our house when we are asleep or out and about, I’m trying to be more conscious of that.

I just stumbled upon a great organization called Protect Our Winter, which is a global warming advocacy group run by winter sports athletes. The Nature Conservancy
has a great website with all the current research and ways to get involved.

Thanks for letting me get on my soapbox! I’d love any feedback or advice.

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  1. I also read a great article in The Nation last week that gave me some hope. It's first point was that climate change isn't a scientific problem, it's a political problem. Obvious, but helpful. Also not easy, but the only path. Second point was that a possible solution involves everyone (in the west) scaling back to working three days per week and taking 5 month vacations. And, of course, buying less stuff. How's that for thinking outside the box ?


  2. It's such an important point to make! So much time is wasted arguing a false scientific controversy that NOTHING gets done politically.

    I like buying less stuff- how does a three day workweek help? Is it commuting? Are those 3 days, like, epically long to get 49 (or 60) hours in?


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