Ode to a Fuji Bicycle

My bike was stolen this past weekend. It was a Fuji Newest 4.0. It’s partially my fault for leaving it locked up at work for two days while we were on San Juan Island, but I (foolishly) thought my U-Lock would be sufficient.

Last time they only got the wheel- this time they came back for the whole thing

I am allowing myself one whiny blog post about this, and then I am going to pick myself up and move on. I am so lucky in so many ways: I have a roof over my head, I have my health, I have great friends, and I’m currently getting paid to get an education and play with bacteria all day. The fact that this priveledged white guy’s expensive bicycle got stolen is about as tragic as a three stooges skit.

I say all of that, but I’m still a little bummed out. I try not to put too much stock into material posessions: things are just things, and I’m fortunate enough to be able to afford a new bike (which you better believe is going to be SHINY). I am sad because that bike and I went on some great adventures! I defy anyone not to develop a bizarre emotional attachment to something that spends THAT much time wedged into your perenium. 
I commuted on that bike to work every day. Rain or shine (or snow). I wore the stripe-up-the but as a badge of honor! Honor or stubbornness because I thought it looked better without fenders.
My friend the Fuji saw me through my first multi-sport event, the Mt. Rainier Duathlon. It proceeded to keep me going through five triathlons- even though the aero-heads totally throw shade at you for riding a touring bike at a tri.

Speaking of touring, I had some great adventures out and around Seattle on that bike. There was the time Jaki and I tried to ride to Redhook brewery and discovered it was closed:
We see the kegs! Let us in!

Which led to is discovering this AWESOME tap-house in Kenmore.

Can you picture a better spot to refuel with beer and nachos after a few hours in the saddle?

That bike has taken me and my friends all the way around the Lake Washigton Loop many times.
The animal noses make you a more aero biker. I read it in cycling magazine.
Not to mention all over Whidbey Island, and over Deception Pass with my Dad!

The Weaver boys do NOT mess around
Admiring and imitating some fauna

So I will miss that bike. However, writing this post I am realizing the reason I loved that bike has almost nothing to do with the bike itself, and everything to do with the experiences I had on that bike and the people I share those experiences with.
I’ll say it again- I’m a lucky guy. I am able to go on adventures with awesome people. I have good health and great friends. I was incredibly touched when, after hearing that my bike got stolen, a bunch of people offered to chip in to get me a super-burly lock! I asked them to please donate to my fundraising page for the humane society instead- and they did!  I just cannot even express how thankful I am to have such great people in my life. Getting stuff stolen from you is never fun, but it seems like the universe has a way of making the Karnic balance even out. Writing this post has been a fond look back at some grrooovy times with groovy people.
But you better believe I’m getting myself a carbon frame for my next bike.  :)

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