Skiing at Alpental

Today started much like any other day: spandex, selfie, oatmeal.

That is where the similarities end. On this particular Sunday, I loaded up my Subaru, picked up my friends Gavin and Mimi, and headed to Alpental for a totally phenomenal day of skiing!

The ski season has had a bit of a delayed start up here in the Pacific Northwest (it has been a dry winter). Recently the snow-gods have decided to smile upon the true believers and reward two- and one-planners alike with a joyful bounty of fat fresh flakes!

Pardon the sermonizing- but a good day of skiing can be a deeply religious experience.
Alpental is a smaller area roughly one hour west of Seattle.
The drive was painless, even though the pass on I-90 was a little hairy. Thank you Subaru! 
We got our lift tickets.

Took a quick selfie:

And then it was time to pillage the powder!

It was a FANTASTIC day of skiing. It snowed all day. We managed fresh tracks through soft snow on every single run. I was having so much fun, I didn’t take any more pictures. I think that’s for the best- sometimes I get so caught up in documenting my experiences I forget to, you know, experience them.
Also my iPhone battery died. Busted. I would have loved to snap a photo of how much snow accumulated while we were there!

I get the impression that Alpental doesn’t command as much respect from Seattlites as Mt. Baker or Crystal. It is a small mountain, but the lift to the top (Edelweiss) accesses some excellent bowl and tree skiing! 

I’m so glad I got the chance to explore a new-to-me ski area with some good friends. The fact that we had dynamite snow conditions (literally- they started bombing for avalanches as we were leaving!) was a total bonus. It was great to get back on my skis and I can’t wait to shred it up with Mimi and Gavin again soon!
I had time to run into lab to set up some Chromatin ImmunoPrecipitaions after we got back (I’m pulling down on Bacillus‘ DNA break repair protein). The rest of my evening looked a little something like this:

Onesies in wonderland! 
Alright, March: so far you are off to a great start, let’s try to keep this merry momentum going!

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  1. Love it. On Friday I got awesome freshies at…Grandby Ranch. Yes, Grandby Ranch née Sol Vusta née Silver Creek. What I lost in vertical feet and fresh inches over Winter Park, I made up for in travel time, lift lines, and repeat solo runs down Wide Maker. I took three runs down it before anyone else marred it with their own tracks!


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