Lake Sammamish Half Marathon

Endurance events are the best way to start the weekend! I woke up early this morning and ran the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon.

 I picked up my bib and set out all my gear yesterday so this morning I had time for a leisurely pre-race breakfast.
I call this composition: still life with oatmeal.

I put on my gear, snapped a quick Selfie, hopped in my Subaru, and headed off to Marymoor Park in Issaquah.
I am VERY glad that I took the time to go to Bellevue yesterday evening, because traffic at the starting line was atrocious.

I gave myself 50 minutes to do a 20 minute drive, and STILL got to the starting line with barely a minute to spare. Luckily the official start was delayed by 10 minutes; I had exactly enough time to throw my bag at the gear check, jog to the start corral, and it was time to jam.

I finished in one hour, thirty five minutes, thirty seven seconds!

That time is a FAT PR for me. However, apparently the course was about a tenth of a mile short. I’m not sure what that means in terms of what my “real half-Mary PR,” all I know is that I am happy with the race I ran!
After I crossed the finish line I hit up the free samples.
Cascade trail runners had a ridiculous booth with M and Ms and PB and J sandwiches. Trail runners are so funny about fueling. I guess calories are calories, and energy gels are basically pure sugar, but the idea of eating candy on the run is so strange to me.
The race was a point to point, along the coast of Lake Sammamish, so we finished far away from where we started. Luckily there were plenty of shuttles to take us back to the starting line. It’s always a good thing to be on the bus. Any merry pranksters out there?

You’re either on the bus or you are off the bus. I try to live on the bus

The bus ride took a long time, and did not smell super pleasant. I took advantage of the opportunity to write this blog post!

OK- now it’s time to find my darn car, get back to Seatle and sieze the rest of my Saturday!

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  1. What was the total number of runners? What is a PR? Pardon my ignorance . Also, your PA and I ended up helping Jesse run the coffin races today ( even though we had sworn we were no longer responsible ) it was chaotic but a good time was had by all? By most!


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