Scenes from Sunday

I’m trying to take it easy today after my half marathon yesterday. Even though I ran hard and scored a PR (sorta), I’m not wrecked at all. My legs feel a little heavy, but not too sore. I was pretty good about recovery: I wore my compression socks all day, went Tarzan-the-ape-Sam on bananas (for carbs and potassium), hydrated like it was my job, and went to sleep at 9 o clock last night.

This morning I wanted to get myself stretched out, so I elected for an impromptu yoga session in my living room.

Luckily- I live with a VERY qualified yoga instructor, who noticed some imbalances in my form:

Louis is a great teacher- always happy to demonstrate.
Namaste Louis. 
Louis is a great yoga teacher, but, being a cat, he tends to avoid downward facing dog pose. My practice felt incomplete, so I decided to go take a class from a Human being at my favorite local studio, Yoga Life Greenlake. It was great, we did some really fun shoulder openers and arm balances.
I popped into work to do some DNA preps:

I also set up some ImmunoPrecipitations.

I finally had enough time to hit the bike shop today! I haven’t been on a bike since my Fuji was stolen in mid-Frebruary. Bus commuting is fine for most of the public, but I am way too likely to stop and take a selfie on the way to the bus stop for public transit to be a viable option for me. I had been missing my daily ride to and from work, and bike adventures are my favorite thing to do when the weather starts to get nice in Seattle!
Ok- “nice weather” might be a little too much to ask for in March. For now I’ll be stoked on “not actively raining and slightly less gray.” I will also be stoked on my new bicycle! It’s a Fuji Roubaix, with 105 components. I am SO excited to find out where this little beauty will take me!

Hello lover

Now, as Sunday is winding down, I’m going to water my plants, cook myself some dinner, and read a few chapters of “In the Year of the Flood,” by Maragaret Atwood (this book is SO GREAT).

That was my super Sunday. Before you go, I have a VITALLY important question that needs answering: What should I name my nice new bike? 

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  1. Congratulations on your new bike. Like pets, bikes can have several names. I think you should name your new bike “Bill.” I just like the sound of that. :)


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