Naming my new bicycle

After some deep and careful consideration I have decided on an appropriate appelation for my beautiful new bicycle. I haven’t forgotten about my old fantastic fuji, but I’m getting to know this new one and so far we are getting along splendidly.

It’s so LIGHT!
Henceforth this amazing amalgam of aluminum, carbon, and steel shall be known as: Ornithomimus velox. I’m going to call it Velox for short.
In case you were wondering, Ornithomimus velox is a dinosaur from the late Cretaceous period that was very common in North America and somewhat resembled the modern ostrich, according to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia: I love you, but I am not seeing ostrich. 

So why did I name Velox after this pre-historic party animal? I’ve got to give lots of credit to my brilliant friends.

When I brought Velox home, my housemate Ermal picked up the bike and commented: “it’s so light, like birds’ bones.” I love a good strange and amusing metaphor, and the bike certainly has some avian qualities.

I broadcasted a message from planet Sam to planet Facebook asking social media for some suggestions. My friends came up with some great ideas, including Fujtastic Voyage, Kermit, and Steve. The suggestion that stood out the most came from my buddy Ed: Dino. I knew immediately that my bike needed a dinosaur name. Birds descended from dinosaurs- the ontological aura I detected emanating from that Fuji frame  clearly has prehistoric underpinnings!
Dinosaurs occupy a very special place in my heart, and also on my left bicep.

Why do I have a dinosaur Tattooed on my arm? It all goes back to my halcyon days at UC Santa Cruz, when I was president of the Ski Club. Ski Club was such an important, wonderful, insane, hilarious, covered-in-sharpie-and-jello, delirious, delightful, snow-shredding good time in my life. I am so grateful for all of the experiences and connections that came from Ski Club. If I set out to reminisce about all of the great experiences we had, I would reach PhD dissertation length after trying to describe the first two nights of All Cal.

Golly, I miss these people

In the interest of brevity (and the shocking reality that we are all getting older, settling into careers, and maybe DONT want first person accounts of our ridiculous college days spread all over the internet) I will not wax on much longer about Ski Club. But I do need to talk about the time we took an all-expense-paid road trip across Colorado and Utah to select a mountain for a week-long Charter ski trip. All of the presidents and vice presidents from every ski club at each UC came on this trip.

These people look trustworthy

Santa Cruz was represented by myself, and the true power behind the throne, my right-hand woman, confidante, collaborator, communicator, rock, AND hard place: Liz. We visited Keystone, Steamboat, and Park City. We familiarized ourselves with the terrain, got wined and dined by the resort reps, and Liz and I discovered our natural kinship with a beautiful brontosaurus.

We also investigated some paleontological specimens (and the whiskey selection) at a Kwik-E-Mart just outside of Dinosaur National Monument, in the northwest corner of Colorado.

That trip was during the spring of 2009; it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. During the summer of 2011 I took a vacation back to Santa Cruz to visit my dear college friends. We got to talking and reminiscing and…one good idea led to another good idea led to an appointment with a tattoo parlor in Aptos. Forty minutes of mild discomfort later Liz, Ed, and I became permanently fossil-fueled.

GOLLY, I miss these people

In case it’s not already obvious, I really like dinosaurs. 

A dinosaur name for my bike was such an obvious choice I am embarrassed I didn’t come up with it myself. Dinosaurs symbolize friendship to me, so maybe it is appropriate that my friends suggested this great idea!
So why did I settle on good old Ornithomimus velox
This particular fossilized-friend has several qualities that I admire:

1) The genus Ornithomimus was the FASTEST genus of dinosaurs, much like I aspire to be on my bicycle.  

2) Ornithomimus was one of the most common dinosaurs in North America during the late cretaceous period. It is important to me to name my bike after an AMERICAN dinosaur. (I realize Fuji bikes is a Japan-based company, but it IS American-owned)

3) Ornithomimus velox was an omnivore, but it likely got most of it’s calories from plants. This dinosaur’s diet sounds pretty similar to mine!

4) Velox (aside from the obvious connection to the Velodrome, a bicycle event that I totally admire and fear) is a really cool sounding word.

So there we have it. My Bike officially has a name. I hope that it stays sunny in Seattle through this weekend so that Velox and I can go on our first of many adventures!

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