Monday Mantras

Happy Monday everybody. I have posted in the past about the power of positive self-narratives, and the mental tenacity it takes to keep your mind in a productive place. Positive affirmations can be extremely helpful mental “reset buttons” when your brain starts wandering down those negative alleys that do not serve you. Today I’d like to share a few quotes from people I admire that help me remember to focus my thoughts in a positive direction.
First we have a quote by Toni Mirrison, thoughtfully embodied by Louis.
Tom Robbins always reminds me to find what is wonderful and weird in this world.
Steve Prefontaine is one of my personal inspirations, as an athlete and a human.

What are some of your favorite positive sayings or motivational quotes?

6 thoughts on “Monday Mantras

Add yours

  1. I am that I am, and another from Tom Robbins”It is what it
    Is, we are what we it, there are no mistakes. And of course Anywhere you go there you are!


  2. This isn't really an affirmation quote, but how about Wallace Stevens “Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around a lake.” Simple beauty and meaning surrounding you, as the complexities of the universe slip away.

    This is a good day to read some positive quotes.


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