I’m still here!

I feel like I have been neglecting this little blog of mine lately. I have not posted anything since sunday evening after getting back from our Oregon Excursion! How has the internet survived without its daily fix of selfies-in-running-gear and photos of my housemate’s cat!?

You are welcome
LOUIS, the true star of this blog…and my life
This week has been very busy in the best way possible, I guess it is a good thing that my life is so abundant that I don’t have time to write about it; I still thought it might be fun to do a quick check in and share some of the shenanigans I’ve been getting up to. 

Would you trust this guy with a mixer?
That picture was a little misleading, I haven’t done any more creative baking since the beautiful cake that Catherine and I prepared for Other Sam and Katie’s engagement. 
Clearly a finger and an engagement ring.
In reality, this sunday some very special visitors arrived in Seattle: my mom; our dear friend Jill, who I have known since I was six years old; and Jill’s two sons, Sam and Charlie.

Mom and Jill
I’s so FUN when people come to visit me. I LOVE the touristy stuff in Seattle. It is especially exciting to have Jill and her sons here. Jill was such a huge influence on me when I was growing up. Jill runs a non-profit outdoor and science education center in my hometown called The Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center. I attended after-school programs and summer camps at Wild Bear all through my elementary school years. I can honesty say that my experiences at Wild Bear are a HUGE part of why I became a scientist. I am so glad that I have been able to maintain a friendship with her throughout the years, she is a person I deeply admire as an educator, and a great human being. 
Monday night I took Jill, my mom, and the boys to the Ballard Locks. We watched some ships pass through the canal. 
Supposedly late march is the time of the year for the Steelhead run, but we didn’t see any.
Where are those sneaky fish?
Monday night we went out to dinner at The Ballard Annex.
I want to go to there
Tuesday was a special treat: the gang came to visit me at my lab. I need them to visit more often because the experiments I set up in front of them on Tuesday yielded some REALLY interesting data. 
A microbiologist in action! 
Wednesday I signed a lease for my new house. Ever since Alli came to visit in February, I have been looking for places and striking out HARD. However, all of the planets aligned just right and I will be moving into our new place on April 1st! I am extremely excited. The place is great, and my new landlady is a dog lover. 
To celebrate the fact that I will not be homeless next week, the gang and I got Korean food and Gelato from two of my favorite places in Seattle. 
and YUM

Now it’s Thursday. This morning I found out I FINALLY built a mutant that I have been failing at making for the past six months. 

Those little guys totally have the clamp-binding motif of PolY1 mutated!

At lunch-time today I went to pick up my friend Oliver. Oliver is one of my best friends in the whole world. We had a great time together in college. I’m so glad that his world travels have brought him to Seattle and that we’ll have a chance to reconnect. 

New Year’s Eve 2K12: Friends, Fireball Whiskey, and Furthur. 
Oliver and I are going skiing at Crystal Mountain tomorrow. There’s a foot of snow in the forecast. I could not be more pumped! 
OK. Time to stop blogging about the people I love and start hanging out with them. Stay tuned for more mischief as our adventures unfold.

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