Oliver and Sam’s Excellent Adventure

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had an abundance of friends in town for the past few days. Oliver arrived Thursday around lunchtime, and I saw him off at the airport Friday evening. It was a whirlwind trip, so we had to make every moment count! 
Thursday night we went out to dinner at a Tom Douglas restaurant: Seatown Sea Bar. I wanted Oliver to experience some of the best that Seattle has to offer, and good ol’ Tom certainly did not disappoint. Over dinner Oliver and I had a great chance to catch up. He has been working for a charter ski trip tour company, managing The Red Dog Lodge in Bear Valley.
Maybe I should get business cards made up also?

Friday morning I got up nice and early for an easy five miler. Then I woke Oliver up. The house my mom was staying in in Seattle had a trundle bed in it. I’m a good host, so Oliver got the top trundle. 

Good morning sunshine!

After breakfast we loaded up my Subaru and hit the road towards Crystal Mountain Ski Area.  We had to make a brief detour through downtown Seattle for Oliver to attend to some fiduciary matters.

The people at Charles Schwab were surprisingly un-fazed about the fact that we showed up in our ski gear

On the way to Crystal Mountain we drove through the Muckelshoot Indian Reservation. There was a plethora of roadside fireworks stands. We spotted this sign and HAD to stop for a quick photograph.

Somebody call Kenny Loggins

Skiing at Crystal was an absolute blast! They had almost six inches of new snow, and it snowed the whole time we were there.

I must admit that at the lower elevations the snow was WET and HEAVY. Picture skiing through your great aunt Edna’s mashed potatoes. However, up at the top the snow was lighter; it wasn’t champagne powder, to be sure, but it was FUN to shred. 
It’s a shame that High Campbell Chair was closed due to the enormous in-bounds avalanche earlier this season. It was cool to see the aftermath, even if we couldn’t enjoy the terrain. , but we found some fun off of the Green Mountain Chair. 
Mother Nature means BUSINESS
We had the most fun exploring the terrain off of the Green Mountain chairlift. 
At the end of the day we were tired, soaked, and HAPPY
But mostly hungry

We had a full four hours from the time the mountain closed to get Oliver to the airport, so we set off in search of an enlightening educational experience. We couldn’t find that so we settled on the next best thing: gambling and a cheap buffet.

A classy joint for some classy gentlemen

I won thirteen dollars at blackjack, and ate an alarming amount. Overall the Muckelshoot Casino gets an A+ in my book.  

Have you ever noticed how there are no windows in casinos?

I’m sad to see Oliver go, but we started cooking up some plans to be re-united on New Year’s Eve 2014! I can’t wait. Oliver and two of my other very dear friends, Santiago and Ryan, are about to embark upon an adventure traveling through Central and South America! I wish I could go along with them on their trip, but alas, my PhD program probably would not look too kindly on my dropping off of the face of the planet for a yet-undetermined amount of time. I’ll miss them dearly, and I wish them the best of luck on their travels! They have promised to start a blog detailing their adventures, so at least I will be able to live vicariously through their posts. I’ll link to it here when they get it up and running. Bien viajes mis amigos, los echo mucho de menos.

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