What’s up Wednesday

Buenas Dias blog-o-sphere! I apologize for not checking in since my little weekend wrap-up on Sunday. I usually like to do all-photo posts on Wednesdays, but today I’ll shake up my routine. Things have been a little hectic here in marathonsam-land, I thought I would send out an APB to remind the internet that I am still alive and doing what I do, namely:
Eating oatmeal:
And doing science:
Pull-downs a plenty

The main reason I didn’t post anything Monday or Tuesday is because I am teaching myself how to do a new kind of experiment. The technique I am learning is called a thymidine incorporation assay. It is a way of measuring how fast cells copy their DNA. It is also a giant pain in the neck.
Things got a little overwhelming
The way these experiments work is you grow cells in the presence of a radioactively labeled DNA ingredient. You can measure how much of the radioactivity gets taken up by the cells, which gives you an indication of how quickly the cells were using that ingredient, and thus how quickly they were copying their DNA. 
Not that kind of radiation…
Not this kind of radiation either…
The question I was asking is if a particular drug slows down the rate that my friend B. subtilis copies its genome, and by how much. It looks like the answer is: a little bit. Next time I’ll have to hit them with more drugs if I want a stronger effect.
“The answer is ALWAYS more drugs”
In other news: marathonsam will be undergoing some technical maintenance this week. I’ve decided that this little blog of mine deserves its own domain name and a better hosting service. In the future you will be able to find all of my content at marathonsam.com. Right now I’m working on migrating everything over, I apologize if any technical glitches arise during the process. I’m about as computer-literate as an iguana, but I have limitless amounts of optimism. Hopefully you won’t even notice that it is happening.
I got this, guys!
Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends and neighbors! I think that some Bob Dylan would be a good way to wind down the afternoon.

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