Weekend wrap-up: Easter Eggstravaganza!

Good evening earthlings. Was the Easter Bunny kind to everybody this year?

Hop-py Easter!
Hop-py Easter! Yes I wore this to a race once. 

I hope every-bunny enjoyed their weekends, there were a lot of excuses to celebrate over the past few days!

I started my weekend on Saturday with a wonderful 17.5 mile long run.

photo 1-10

I am happy to report that my new Mizuno Waver Rider 16s that I gushed over in Friday’s post were more than up to the task. This run was the last truly long run of my training program. My marathon is just two short weeks away! It’s time to start taper-ing and carb-loading.

As if I don’t carb-load EVERY single day

Just a reminder: (and more shameless self-promotion), I am running the Tacoma City Marathon as a charity athlete for the Seattle Humane Society. Please consider donating to my fundraising page to support this amazing organization. Any amount you are able to give goes directly to the Humane Society to help animals in need.

Saturday was April 19th, otherwise known as Bicycle Day! On April 19th, 1943, Albert Hoffman became the first human being to intentionally consume L.S.D. He took a 250 microgram dose, which he assumed would be a tiny amount. He was wrong. Within an hour Dr. Hoffman started to feel so strange that he had to have his lab assistant escort him home by bicycle, where he spent the afternoon enjoying: “the unprecedented colors and plays of shapes that persisted behind my closed eyes. Kaleidoscopic, fantastic images surged in on me, alternating, variegated, opening and then closing themselves in circles and spirals, exploding in colored fountains, rearranging and hybridizing themselves in constant flux…” Three cheers for Albert Hoffman, the brave scientist who taught humanity to get on the bus.


L.S.D is enjoying a little bit of a renaissance these days: a study was published in March demonstrating that it can have enormous benefits during psychotherapy for patients with terminal diseases. 

I was not on the bus on Bicycle Day, nor did I even ride my bicycle. I spent the rainy Saturday catching up on cloning.

photo 2-10

I did, however, make a point to read my favorite poem by Allen Ginsberg: A Supermarket in California, before I went to bed yesterday.

Today was Easter. Easter is a time for quiet contemplation, prayer, and biblical amounts of candy. Apparently Americans consume 16 BILLION jelly beans on Easter every single year.


I personally don’t particularly care for eating Jelly Beans, or marshmallow peeps, for that matter. Frankly, I much prefer Theo Chocolate. I do like Peeps as an art medium though. The artist Michael Leavitt has produced a pretty fine rendition of our current president:

Good old Barack has never looked sweeter
Good old Barack has never looked sweeter

Today also happens to be April 20th, or 4/20. My home state of Colorado and my adopted home of Washington both recently legalized recreational marijuana use. Take it away, Tom Petty:

I was clicking around on Wikipedia, and it turns out that April 20th is momentous for a TON of reasons. If cannabanoids and Cadburry eggs aren’t your thing, you can follow your arrow to one of the many other exciting things that happened on this day in history.

For example: April 20th, 1775 was the beginning of the Siege of Boston in the American Revolutionary War; Billie Holliday recorded the (GREAT) song “Strange Fruit” on April 20th, 1939; Apollo 16 landed on the Moon on April 20th, 1972; and, my personal favorite, Louis Pasteur (the father of microbiology, not my housemate’s cat) completed the experiments refuting the theory of spontaneous generation on April 20th 1862.

photo 1-2
“I could have done those experiments”

Of course, some truly unfortunate things happened on this day in history as well: the Columbine shootings, the Deepwater Horizon explosion, the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, and Hitler’s birthday all immediately spring to mind.

Is there something special about this particular date? Do coincidences accumulate compound interest? If one coincidental thing happens does it influence the likelihood that more unlikely events will occur? I was thinking about that in the pool this afternoon.

photo 3-7

I think that the reason coincidences seem to pile up on each other is because of hyperawareness: when one odd thing happens your antennas are activated, and you become more likely to notice the next odd thing. This might make it seem like life has become passingly peculiar; in reality, life as we know it is ALWAYS strange, we just notice the strangeness to different degrees.

This is MY blogging uniform, what's yours?
Some of us are stranger than others

I did not spend today eating candy, landing on the moon, or smoking reefer. I DID pay tribute to Louis Pasteur by doing a microbiology experiment.

Sometimes I wear my timer as an accessory- it keeps me fashionable while keeping my experiments on track
Sometimes I wear my timer as an accessory- it keeps me fashionable while keeping my experiments on track

Earlier this week I was trying to determine if a particular drug slowed down the rate that my friend B. subtilis is able to copy its DNA. The (very not exciting answer) was: not very much. So I took a cue from Hunter S. Thomson and ramped the concentration way way up.

When in doubt, the answer is more drugs

In summary: there were a whole lot of excuses to get high, get religion, or get diabetes this weekend. I chose to do NONE of those things, but I still managed to have a good time!

How did you spend your Saturday or Sunday?

Do you Like Jellybeans? How about Marshmallow Peeps?

Did you experience any strange coincidences?

6 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up: Easter Eggstravaganza!

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  1. April 19th is Patriots Day, commemorating the Battle of Lexington (the shot heard round the world) and the Battle of Concord Bridge, starting the Revolutionary War. The minutemen walked through Bedford to get from Lexington to Concord Bridge .


  2. April 19th is also the anniversary of a number if tragedies, including Ruby Ridge and the Oklahoma City bombings. But those aren’t coincidences; those are assholes acting out revolutionary fantasies on Patriots Day on purpose. Plus the Boston Marathon bombs were on Patriots Day last year, but it wasn’t on 4/19, because of the whole Monday holiday thing. Not sure if those Cechian idiots picked up on the date or if that actually was a tragic coincidence.


    1. I was thinking about that, and I didn’t really express myself eloquently enough. There definitely seems to be a “copy-cat effect,” where one tragedy begets another. I guess once a date starts to take on significance in the collective consciousness, people are more likely both to DO THINGS (good or bad) and to NOTICE THINGS on that particular day.

      It seems like it can set up a vicious or a virtuous circle. I guess days gain power in the human mind because of the power that humans give them.

      I think that I also believe certain days hold some innate magic…the equinox comes to mind.


      1. Germaine and Patti and I were listening to the This American Life episode about coincidences last night on the way home from Taos. I was trying to describe its content, and, of course, I immediately start explaining the math that you lay out in your blog and, of course, Patti and Germaine (especially Germaine) start explaining why certain coincidences–the magical ones–are, well, magical, and engineered by spirit, and all that. So instead of arguing I decide we should just listen and its fabulous because TAL is generally fabulous and the woman sitting in for “the big guy” Ira is hysterical. Sixty minutes in, she wraps it up with the last sentence, which is something like (I’m paraphrasing here: “It doesn’t really matter it math or circumstances can explain away the coincidence; there is poetry in noticing when the coincidence arrives.” I love TAL.


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