Weekend wrap up

Good evening everybody. I hope everyone is winding down their Sunday and feeling ready for the week ahead.


My weekend has been going swimmingly for many reasons, including because I managed to hit the pool this afternoon.


Right now I am completing my homework from Wine School by enjoying a glass of Beaujolais with my dear friend, and ROOMMATE, Alli!.

Sunday evening is pretty good, let’s recap how we got here and set some goals to have a super week!

Saturday morning started just like most Saturdays do:


The Tacoma Marathon is only a week away, so this Saturday’s long run was shorter than they have been lately. I went out for thirteen leisurely miles, and listened to the audiobook version of Far from the Tree, by Andrew Solomon. This book is really fantastic- it is about “horizontal identities:” children who are born radically different than their parents. Solomon, a gay man who struggled with dyslexia and depression, is a marvelous writer (and narrator). The book is a collection of narratives of families adjusting to children born with disabilities, children born out of rape, and child prodigies. All of the stories are presented with compassion and insight.

After my run on Saturday I headed into lab to do a fun experiment. Lately I have been working on survival assays.

Survival assays, in addition to inspiring fabulous playlists, are a great way to determine if a particular gene is important. For survival assays you need two things: drugs and mutants!



To do these experiments, you grow some normal bacteria and some mutant bacteria.


Then you throw some drugs at your cultures and see how much they suffer.


If your mutant suffers worse than wild type, whatever gene was mutated is important for surviving that particular drug. I am interested in how bacteria copy their genomes, so I use compounds that damage bacteria’s DNA. I suppose I could do a survival assay using some OTHER interesting compounds, especially because I live in Washington; however, I’m not sure that I could write up a convincing manuscript titled “The Effect of the Munchies and Oreos on Central Metabloic Flux in Bacillus subtilis.”

After I finished up my experiments on Saturday, I headed home just in time for a very important arrival.


Alli finally made it to Seattle! And she brought a big truck full of nice things! We promptly hugged, hydrated,

Hydration is CRUCIAL

And then we got to WORK.


Working together we got all of the boxes unloaded lickety-split. It helped that Alli is a legendary master of organization.

Only the essentials

After we got everything indoors it was time to put on our aprons, take a quick selfie, and go to sleep.

Master movers

This morning I got up early to pop into work and check out the results of yesterday’s survival assays.

How are you doing guys?

I caught up on some cloning, hit the pool, then Alli and I headed out to do some antiquing!


Furniture shopping can be quite exhausting, luckily we were able to find some sustenance in the form of baby-sized burritos.

This restaurant is called, no joke: “Gordito’s HEALTHY Mexican” Because baby-sized burritos are the healthiest things you can eat

I’m really happy with how our living room is starting to come together.


Overall it’s been a good weekend. The week ahead looks pretty busy for me at work, which is a little unfortunate considering that I happen to be running a marathon in seven days. Science never sleeps, and Bacillus can’t read a calendar. My goal as I taper into the race is to make sure I am well rested and properly fueled. In order to set myself up for success I will be striving to sleep at least 7 hours each night this week, and making an effort to eat two carbohydrate-y snacks per day. Bring on the bananas and early bedtimes!

How was YOUR weekend, gentle readers?
What are your goals this week?


3 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up

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  1. Yay for Alli arriving to your new place!! But, I have to express some concerns. Alli keeps bones in a box? Along with gin? Is she a serial killer? Or does she have a DOG? We all are wondering, you know. Maybe the photos of the baby burritos just got me in that mindset.

    Also, are you sure Bacillus cannot read a calendar? They are fascinating little creatures so why not?

    Taking inspiration from you, I hit the pool this morning. I haven’t swam regularly for a while, partly for practical reasons and partly for very sad reasons. BUT, I decided all that is going to change, starting this morning. It does add a nice touch to the day, no?

    Don’t forget your restorative yoga poses. Restoration is not sissy yoga.


    1. Hahah- it’s important to label things so you don’t forget where they are! The bones are decorative, the gin is HIGHLY functional. Alli does have a dog, Porter (the Australian Shepard) arrives May 7th!

      Well Bacillus doesn’t have eyes, but it is certainly a subtle and insightful bacteria, so maybe it just KNOWS what day it is. Although given that they double every 20 minutes a day is literally seventy lifetimes for them.

      I’m so glad to hear you hit the pool! I think it’s the repetitive motions and repetitive vision of the pool floor, but I find that my brain gets pleasantly shifted by the early morning swims in a unique and pleasant way that is distinctive from other forms of exercise.


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