Monday Mantras (special mutation edition)

Good evening, Earthlings.

My Monday started like most Mondays do in the world of marathonsam.


I have to be honest: my run this morning was the highlight of my day. I spent several hours at work today grappling with a VERY large data set, and ended up more confused at the end than I was when I started. I’ve been playing around with next-generation DNA sequencing recently, which allows you to count millions of mutations at once.

Millions of mutations sounds awesome, until you realize that you are nipple-deep in nucleotide polymorphisms and none of them make any sense. The problem with big data is that sometimes it is too big to wrap your head around. Right now I have 12,789,352 trees to look at, but I’m having trouble finding the forest. What’s a plucky PhD candidate to do?


While beer is technically carbohydrate rich, I think that I can find some more nourishing carbo-loading and life-coping skills. I think I’ll share some empowering words from inspiring individuals. I hope you all enjoy them!

First up we have some encouragement to explore our limits, courtesy of T.S. Eliot:


Eleanor Roosevelt reminds us to be true to our weird and wonderful individuality:


Harvey Milk helps us remember to HOPE:


And finally, Tom Robbins (with an assist from the noble banana slug) encourages us to use what serves us and let the rest go.


Have a wicked-good week everybody!

Do you have any favorite sayings you’d like to share?

5 thoughts on “Monday Mantras (special mutation edition)

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  1. I love the TS Eliot quote. I say something like that all the time when I’m talking to parents of teenagers. From both being one, and raising you, I’ve figured out that the job description includes going over the line. But since you really don’t know anything when you’re a teenager, that’s really the only way that you can figure out where the line is. The parents job is to try to describe the line, but then to shut your eyes and let the kid figure out the rest. The trick is to not get pregnant, end up in jail, or die in the process.


    1. Teenagers don’t know anything, and yet they know EVERYTHING :). Hormones ought to be regulated more strictly than schedule one narcotics.

      I’m so grateful that I had you guys as parents, and so glad you gave me both the support and the latitude to screw up safely! I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to try and find that balance.


  2. I just got a burrito at Illegal Pete’s, and they provide the following:

    “We can’t control the wind, but we can adjust our sails.”

    (When you think about it the context of Burritos, it kind of changes the connotation…)


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