Taper-week Tuesday

Happy Tuesday blog-o-sphere. It’s hard to believe, but the Tacoma City Marathon is a mere 5 days away! I have been dedicating my training to the Seattle Humane Society: so far, through the amazing generosity of my friends and family, I have raised over six hundred dollars for this fantastic organization. I am so grateful for the support I have received, if you are reading this and you feel inclined to donate, please click over to my personal fundraising page. Any amount, be it $10, $15, $20, or even 25 cents and a smile, goes directly to supporting the Seattle Humane Society.

In just five short days I will be running across galloping Gertie (the Tacoma Narrows bridge).

Hopefully it doesn’t sway like that during the race! Right now I am in taper week, which means I am cutting down my mileage in order to be spry and rested this Sunday.

Taper week doesn’t mean lay-on-the-couch-and-stuff-my-face-week.

Come to Papa
Come to Papa

I went out for 8 miles this morning.


That may sound like a lot, but in the immortal words of Albert Einstein “It’s all relative baby”

It sounds more scientific in German
It sounds more scientific in German

My mid-week runs were creeping into the double digits during the peak phase of this cycle. Eight miles on a Tuesday felt nice and relaxing.

I am pretty terrible about cutting back during my taper weeks: I LOVE running, and I have a lot in common with my dogs: I have great hair, and start chewing on the furniture when I don’t get my excercise.

D'aaaaawwww Obie was such a cute puppy
D’aaaaawwww Obie was such a cute puppy…cute and destructive

However, I am going to make every effort to STICK TO MY PLAN, take it easy, and taper properly. The week of (relative) rest before a big race is a key period of replenishment and repair. I have trained for 5 months for this marathon. I’ve summoned the mental tenacity to run through the dark and rainy Seattle winter. Now it is time to reap the benefits of my effort, and apply all of this pent-up energy I have towards a speedy time this Sunday.

Competitor.com has a great article on tapering. Runner’s world has a very in depth article on the science behind tapering, and the various strategies employed by the elites. Some athletes and coaches favor a dramatic decrease in total training volume, while maintaining high intensity–think replacing long runs with short sprints; others favor across the board reductions in training time and tempo. No one formula works for every runner but there is one universal truth: doing too MUCH during the taper week is far more detrimental than doing too little.

For the rest of the week I have two short runs planned, and a day of gentle swimming. I am also making an effort to hydrate like a champ.

Serious runners always hydrate using dollar-store sippy-cups

It goes without saying that I am also carbo-loading.



I think that’s enough out of me for today. Enjoy the rest of your week everybody!


5 thoughts on “Taper-week Tuesday

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  1. It’s a good thing you didn’t tell your Mother about the galloping bridge before you began this recklessly dangerous incredibly athletic SUPER. STAR endeavor !!!!!? Dad tells me it’s a classic Physics video on resonance frequency , but nobody died and they even saved the dog!!! So I will try to think of it (hopefully without hurling) as my SAM SUPERSTAR ATHELETE SON EXTRAORDINAIRE RUNNING, HAIR FLYING, HECK HE IS FLYING, THE PEOPLE WHO SEE HIM ARE IN TOTAL AWE!!!!’ And so are all of us ,yes,so say all of us!!


  2. That video is bizarre , in a biblical , mothman , sort of way! I wonder if they got footage of Teresa s freaky Point Pleasant , mothman haunted bridge collapse?? And why am I compelled to always use multiple punctuation marks?!? Dad says it’s because I’m an excitable girl they all said ,but I know it runs in the family obviously !!!!! Some of us are more excitable , and others(SUPERMANSAMM)runs wicked way faster!!!’ L&L Mom


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