What I’ve been up to lately.

I hope everybody’s weekend is treating them well so far! I thought I’d pop in quickly and dump some photos of what’s been going on in marathonsam-land lately.

My roommate, and best friend from college,  Alli finally arrived in Seattle Wednesday evening! Alli brought her dog, Porter, with her to Seattle. Porter is an Australian Shepard. She’s smart, energetic, and fluent in French (though her accent is atrocious). It’s been a blast having a dog in the house, even if I get a little jealous because Porter has nicer hair than I do.

Look at that pretty face!

Friday was exciting because I went running for the first time since the Tacoma City Marathon. I put on my new favorite shirt, laced up my shoes and went out for four nice and slow miles. It felt great to get back onto the road, and I didn’t have any aches or nagging pains. I think I’m ready to start easing into my regular mileage again, but I need to sit down and figure out my goals in terms of running and racing over the next few months.



After work on Friday my lab-mates and I took a social outing. Yes! It’s true! Scientists sometimes do things that DON’T involve bacterial cultures and chemistry sets! We went to a really cool place called Garage in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Garage is a combination pool hall, bowling alley and bar.



Our lab’s new post-doc, Sheldon, bowled with the epitome of style and grace:

Or something like that

I’m pretty sure he’s over the line.

I shouldn’t tease Sheldon: he wiped the floor with me, score-wise. I bowled ATROCIOUSLY. I don’t think I’ve been bowling since I was in college, but I used to be able to break 100 consistently. We played two games and my COMBINED score from both games didn’t even break 100. Clearly I have offended the bowling gods, and need to do some penance to get back in their good graces.

Thank you virgin mary for the gift you have bestowed upon me: energy gels, compression socks, and body glide
Mother Mary, full of grace, bless our balls

My boss had been bowling three times in her entire life, and even SHE managed to soundly beat me with a beer in hand. That’s why she’s the Principal Investigator and I’m the PhD candidate, I guess.


Bowling is a great sport because you get to wear rental shoes and drink beer while you’re doing it. Even though my score was pathetic, I had a great time; it was fun to hang out with the people in my lab over bowling balls instead of Bacillus.

Saturday was brought to you by the letter “S.” S is for Survival Assays, Swimming, Sofa, and Smut.

I got up, started some cultures growing, and hit the pool. I’ve nearly recovered from my embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during Thursday’s swim. I am pleased to report that I did NOT moon the entire pool for 2200 yards during today’s workout. It’s the little victories in life that count.

I loved my swim, and those cells HATED those drugs

The soundtrack for today’s experiments is brought to you by Reba McEntire.

Reba and Bacillus are both survivors.

After I finished growing and drugging my bacteria, Alli and I went to go buy a couch. There was NO WAY that the sofa we selected would fit into either of our subarus, so we did the logical thing and rented a rape-van

Would you get into a windowless van with this mustache?

Renting the van made moving the sofa 100% easier than it would have been otherwise, with the added bonus of making me look 100% more creepy than I actually am. It was all worth it once we finally got the couch inside our house.

Getting it into the house took some doing…
We have a real living room now!

OK, so that covers the sofa, the swimming, and survival; what about the smut? Alli and I went to see the “Best of Hump! Tour,” hosted by Dan Savage. Hump! is annual amateur pornography film festival featuring films that run the gamut of fetishes, kinks, orientations, and preferences. Some of the films are hilariously funny, some are incredibly sexy, and some are challenging to watch. The “Best Of Hump” collects some of the most popular entries from the previous festivals. Dan Savage is one of my favorite writers in the entire world, and his “It Gets Better Project” is a great organization; it was great to see him in person announcing the rules for behavior during the festival (Nothing illegal, no heckling, and no cell phones allowed). As for the films themselves….this is a family friendly blog. I’ll refrain from describing the graphic details, unless you ask me in person. I will, however, reveal that this evening I learned that there is such a thing as a pie-fight fetish, and watched two transexuals make very creative use of a Ford Mustang’s carburetor…those were some of the TAMER details.


After we got back from the festival, Porter had a lot of extra energy from being cooped up inside. Alli and Sam had a lot of extra energy from sitting in a theater and watching porn for two hours. We decided that a nice walk through the neighborhood would be the perfect prescription.

The fearless adventurer forges ahead!

On the walk we discovered a little free library!



Now I am winding down and blogging from the comfort of our comfortable new couch. I hope everyone is having a SUPER weekend so far.

What was your favorite thing about the weekend?

Are you good at bowling?

Pie fight fetish….thoughts?




3 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to lately.

Add yours

  1. Sheldon better thank his lucky stars that it wasn’t a league game! Mom and I watched the Big Lebowski last week.

    My favorite thing about the weekend so far is the three inches of snow (and counting) that fell over night. It’s getting in the way of planting the garden, but maybe we’ll walk down and watch the waterfall surge instead.


  2. In jr. High school , I bowled a score of 32 , and then 27, in the next round. My league let me know my bowling talents would no longer be needed , as this was inter mural and it was the early 70,s(I was baking microdot cookies in my head) I didn’t much care! My friends on the team voted to keep me on because my enhanced and I might say advanced technique was amusing ! I have not bowled much since. I wonder if I could break my PR?????


  3. I failed to answer the question Marathonsam asked about what I’ve been up to lately! That would be walking , or attempting to walk Obe around the two mile block ,without being dragged to the ground at the sight of another dog!! I am having the same kind of success with the dog as I had with bowling lo those many years ago.How pathetic is that???!!


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