Weekend happenings: Amy Visits Seattle

Hello gentle readers. It’s time to wind down our Sundays and get ready to kick some serious butt in the coming week.

Or maybe it’s time to crawl into bed and saw some serious logs until Monday rears it’s ugly face. I, for one, am plum-tuckered out. Life has been chaotic lately, but I’ve managed to blend in some fun along with the frantic. I’m going to stop rambling and let pictures do the talking.

amy and sam troll
Obviously Amy had to meet the troll!

My friend Amy from my days as a banana slug at UCSC came to visit seattle!

I haven’t seen Amy in over three years. We used to study together for physical chemistry exams in college. It was great to reconnect with her, even though I had to medicate a momentary flashback to differential equations and thermodynamics.

Rioja is the ONLY prescription for P-chem…you can trust me, I’m a scientist.

Saturday morning I got up bright and early to go into lab and start some DNA preps.


While I was waiting for my DNA to precipitate, I hit the pool for a lovely 2000 yards.


After my swim, my DNA had thoroughly fallen out of solution due to the magic of ethanol, salt, and time. I set up a quick qPCR.


After I finished working for the day, Amy and I checked out the annual University District Street Fair.


We saw the Hare Krishnas.


We also wandered around campus to bask in some beautiful blooms.

I love Seattle in the spring!

As a grad student in the microbiology department, I spend most of my time in the hospital research complex and almost never venture into the main campus of UW. I always forget how beautiful our campus is.

The view from Rainier Vista. Not pictured: Mt. Ranier (she’s a shy mountain sometimes)
Red Square

After checking out the fair, we went over to Other-Sam and Katie’s house for fajitas. I was in charge of beverages, so we stopped at Wine World to find out what-the-heck kind of wine you are supposed to drink with fajitas. I love that I got an answer AND a free sample within 30 seconds of walking in the door. The answer is Pinot Gris.


Sunday morning I headed out for my first double-digit run since the Tacoma Marathon.


Those 10 groovy miles had me feeling extra motivated, so I popped into lab and ran another qPCR plate. Gotta get all the data! Can’t stop, won’t stop!


Scientific endeavors concluded for the dy, we had plenty of time left to enjoy the sunshine, and my housemate’s dog had plenty of energy. We took her to the dog park.


It was so fun to watch Porter play with her soccer ball. I love seeing creatures in a state of pure and simple unadulterated joy.


It was exhausting watching Porter run around, so we headed to Elysian Brewery’s Tangletown. During lunch, I made the most important discovery of my adult and scientific life: the best Bloody Mary in all of Seattle!

The secret is cucumber vodka and a KILLER mix. Boozy, spicy, salty, AND refreshing

Next we headed to Volunteer Park. We saw some LARP-ers. Really.


It was tempting to ask if we could play too, but I think that my elvish is a little rusty. We decided to climb to the top of the water tower instead.


We were rewarded with a great panoramic view of the city.


As we left the park to head towards Pike Place Market we spotted some baby ducks!


I didn’t take any pictures at the Market. We didn’t spend too much time there: it was pretty crowded, Amy needed to catch her flight, and we still had Porter with us. We hit up some free samples,I bought a bouquet, and then we left.

Overall it was a wonderful weekend! It was great to see an old friend from college, and hang out with Alli, Other-Sam, Katie, and Porter…especially Porter. Sorry humans, but this captivating canine holds the top spot in my heart.

I love you, but not enough to give you my gelato

I hope everyone had a phenomenal weekend and has great stuff to look forward to this week!

6 thoughts on “Weekend happenings: Amy Visits Seattle

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  1. awwwww….Porter is the best!! I am glad that you have enough taste and presence of mind to realize that. Very fun weekend for you! I hope you are able to now edge more toward your May goal of relaxing a little and getting more rest. Maybe you should make that your June goal. May is pretty far gone. But it appears that you make the best of your own personal fun and adventure! Hope you get to CO this summer.


    1. Live Action Role Playing….it’s a thing that people do apparently. Picture the love-child of a Civil War reenactment and a Dungeons and Dragons marathon.

      I will say this for the LARP-ers. Even if I think it’s silly that grown adults are putting on medieval garb, romping around in a park, and hitting each other with fake swords, you gotta admire the commitment! They spent the time to sew their costumes, make their fake weapons, and come up with an elaborate plot-arc and story line to act out. These people don’t spend their time watching TV shows, they LIVE their TV shows. It’s undeniably weird….but so is putting on spandex at 5 in the morning and running to the next city. As long as everyone is having fun and not watching television I put my stamp of approval on it!


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