A swim workout for Monday

Hello out there in bloggy land! I realize that my posting has recently become stochastic (stochastic is one of my favorite science words: it basically means “random” or “unpredictable;” describing something as “stochastic” is a great way to sound like you completely understand something when you have NO IDEA what the hell is going on).

Life has been busy over here in marathonsam-land. My friend came to visit, I’m preparing a manuscript for publication, and, of course, my housemate’s dog needs a CONSTANT supply of walks and gelato.

Walks and gelato….it’s a HARD life, but somebody has to do it :)

I don’t want to let down my gentle readers, so today I’m going to share a swim workout that I made up in the pool this morning. It’s 2700 yards total. I liked it because it had enough variety and hard intervals to prevent me from getting bored; I also included some pleasant extended cruising time to turn off my brain, count floor tiles, and find flow.

Swimming is VERY relaxing…REALLY.

Here’s how it went down. In the UW pool, 50 yards  is one out-and-back lap.
Warm up: 300 yards freestyle
7x 200 (split up as follows):
1) 50 easy, 100 hard, 50 easy.
2) 200 easy
3) 50 hard, 50 easy, 50 hard, 50 easy.
4) 25 REALLY hard, 25 easy. Repeat four times.
5) 50 hard, 50 easy, 50 hard, 50 easy.
6) 25 REALLY hard, 25 easy. Repeat four times.
7) 200 at a medium cruise.

Drill set:
1) 50 kick
2) 200 pull
2) 50 kick
3) 200 pull
4) 50 kick
5) 200 pull
6) 50 kick

Cool down: 200 easy.

I only swam freestyle, but this workout is amenable to mixing and matching other strokes. For the pull and kick drills it probably would be good to practice my breaststroke technique! This workout could also easily be shortened by ditching one of the sets.

What’s your favorite pool workout? I’m stuck in a rut!

What are your favorite form drills?

Have a turbo-charged Monday everybody!

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  1. Germaine always reminds me to do more backstroke to offset my chronic, overworked and overtrained “leaning in” (swimming, computering, core workouts, running like the hunched over old man I have become). Backstroke opens one up. Then again, it’s so relaxing it can feel like a walk in the park than a workout. (Or a peramble in the pool.)


    1. Ted, if backstroke isn’t completely exhausting you, maybe you can mix it up a little, like maybe completely submerge your body. That will make you a little humble and learn the value of breath control! Just a thought. :)

      Thanks for the workout ideas Sam. I stopped working with my coach after the floods because of the transportation issues, and now miss the challenges. My favorites include streamline dolphin kick facing downward, facing upward, on the left side, on the right. Like a rotisserie. Your tummy muscles will hurt, but it really is fun pretending you’re a mermaid!!!


      1. Oh man- that dolphin kick-set sounds BRUTAL. I am really good at talking myself out of doing kick-sets, which means I need to do more of them.

        Dad- thanks for the reminder about backstroke! I had….forgotten that you could swim on that side. My shoulders have been creeping forward lately too, too much pipetting, not enough yoga.


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