Alli and Sam and Porter go to Vashon Island

Happy Sunday friends and neighbors! I started my morning with an 8.5 mile run.


I followed up my frolic with some sorely needed asana- the highlight and lowlight of Yoga this morning was pigeon pose. Even though I’ve cut back on my mileage since the marathon, my hips and quads are extremely tight. Some people carry tension in their shoulders, I store stress in my legs.


It felt great to get my Om on in the morning. After a satisfying savasana I headed into lab to count some bacterial colonies, and set myself up for tomorrow’s experiments.

Yes those are  Top Pot donuts next to where we streak out bacteria. No Bacillus is not a pathogen or a health risk. Yes it’s still kinda gnarly

The highlight of today was Alli and Porter and I’s field trip to Vashon Island.

Porter’s a great co-pilot., but she always wants to drive

Alli’s friends (and their Weimereiners, Leo and Rogue) live on Vashon Island. Vashon Island is a quick ferry ride and a world apart from Seattle. The island is a small and sleepy agricultural enclave. I love living in Seattle for all of the exciting urban adventures available in this big rainy city. I REALLY love how easy it is to escape this big city and replenish my requirements for the outdoors. Vashon is pastoral and pleasant. Porter wanted to see her boyfriends and run around; Alli and Sam needed some greenery beyond the borders of our yard. Vashon Island was a winning proposition for everybody involved.

“Hello Boys, I missed you.” “We missed you, too” “I’m a dog!” I’m a dog too!”

We decided to pick up some provisions for the afternoon. While we were shopping for human-snacks I discovered a strange and ridiculous new product: canine cookies.

Rawhide chews, kibble, sandwich cremes?

I, of course, had to buy these cookies immediately. I never waste an opportunity to spoil Porter rotten, how could I refuse special doggy Oreos? I must admit that I not-so-secretly wondered how Doggy Oreos would taste to a sophisticated human palate? I checks out the ingredients, and verified that these cookies, even though they are dog treats, are made from flour, sugar, vegetable oil, salt and spices; they may be Doggy Oreos, but they aren’t MEAT Oreos. Porter and I screwed up our courage and each sampled a woof-wafer.

“Yum?” “I LOVE cookies” “I’m a DOG!”

The Verdict? Dog Oreos taste almost exactly like off-brand supermarket Oreos. Seriously, if you didn’t know these things were dog treats you would probably eat three of them, then be kinda disappointed because they aren’t as good as regular Oreos, but eat one more just in case the fourth one tasted better than the previous three. I’d describe the flavor as “almost satisfying.” They’re flavored with carob instead of chocolate (so dogs can eat them) but regular Oreos don’t taste all that much like chocolate either. I wish that the cookies were either more delicious or more disgusting. If the target market is white yuppies who want to share their dogs’s treats, then the cookie could be tastier. If the target market is dogs, I think the dogs would enjoy sausage flavored sandwich cremes much much more than these ersatz Oreos. Save yourself six bucks: buy Oreos for yourself, give your dog milk bones, then pour a giant glass of merlot–everyone will be happier.

After we all ate dog treats together, everybody had a serious jonesing for some fresh air and natural light, but Seattle springtime had other plans. Instead of cursing the rain from indoors, we decided to construct an awning to keep ourselves dry, using a giant silk parachute and some scrap wood.

This looks TOTALLY safe, right guys?

In the process of unfurling our clever canopy, we all remembered how much FUN it is to play with a giant parachute. I have such great memories of playing with one of these during gym class in elementary school.

Hi Alli!

I am pleased to report that playing with a giant parachute is much like a fine wine: it just gets better with age. Porter was a little skeptical of the silly humans flapping and flailing about; naturally, she decided to investigate.

“Whatcha doin’ under here guys?” “I’m a dog….did I tell you that already?”

It didn’t take long for Porter to figure out that the center of the parachute is the ideal spot to be the enter of attention.


Vashon Island is beautiful, the parachute was a blast, and Alli’s friends were awesome to hang out with. Now I’m winding down my Sunday evening; my goal is to get to bed early to set this week off on the right foot.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Is anyone doing anything exciting for memorial day?



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