Jump into June

Jumpin Jehoshaphat!

How is it already June!? It’s true that I say the same thing every single time that we turn a calendar page, but, jumping into June seems like a bigger deal than mincing through May. Summer is here! Time to emerge from hibernation, break out the tank tops, and replenish our vitamin D stores with some fun in the sun.

Or short-shorts for some fun in the lab…if you’re a PhD candidate

Historically, I have used use the first of the month to recap, reflect on my goals from the previous month, and set some intentions for the coming weeks. That sounds like a great plan, but I didn’t formally write down any goals at the beginning of May.

Get your shit together, Sam!
Get your shit together, Sam!

I’m sorry Louis! I’ve been a very bad blogger, a very bad blogger indeed! I wonder if my lack of goals is why May seemed to fly by so quickly. I feel as though I was constantly busy and moving VERY FAST in a million different directions, only to end up in the same exact place that I started.

Sound familiar?

Completing my marathon at the beginning of the month was a huge accomplishment. I realize, looking back, that I should have planned a little better for AFTER the race. I had one big goal in mind for five straight months, then I forgot to set goals for afterwards. As such, my running, swimming, and weight training have become pretty unstructured (OK…completely and totally random). While I needed a break from rigorous training, I know myself: I respond well to structure and schedules.

What...your iCal DOESN'T look like this?
What…your iCal DOESN’T look like this?

I like setting goals. I also like the platform of the blog because putting goals in writing keeps me accountable. Here’s what I’m working towards in June:

1) Settle in to a solid strength training regimen. 

I recently re-incorporated resistance training back into my routine. I’m really enjoying it. The mayo clinic, the CDC, and Runner’s World all agree that strength training is a great way to strengthen your bones, sharpen your mind, improve your overall fitness, and make you look good in a tank top.

I LOVE tank tops

I’ve been hitting the gym once a week, and I’d like to stick with it. However, I’m still not completely satisfied with the routine that I am doing. I need to read more and figure out a plan that works me out, without wearing me out. I know that my gym sessions will be more effective iff I go in with a set plan, I need to figure out what that plan is. I’d love some input; I’m trying to put together a full-body, once a week routine that focuses on the core and compliments my running.

2) Re-submit my manuscript. 

I tend not to get too specific about the details of my working life on the blog. I like writing about science (even when it is doing something stupid, like resurrecting the wooly mammoth), and chatting about my bacterial buddies (especially when they do something cool, like making chocolate good for you). However, I try not to blog about the day-to-day grind of my research. 

God that gel looks awful

I don’t want this blog to be about my trials and travails at work, so I’ll keep this brief. I am currently trying to get a paper published. It went through the first round of revisions. We got some comments. I have been doing experiments like a crazy person to address those comments. I’m ready to get this thing OUT and move on to the next thing.

3) Keep my yard in order. 

When Alli and I moved into our house the yard was in a sorry state. I have recently discovered how much I enjoy yard-work. When life is chaotic, it is extremely empowering to exert some mastery over your domain. I want to transform our unkempt urban jungle into an oasis of calm.

My lunch today was a salad with eggs! My lunch-date was Porter.

This weekend I made some progress into the heart of darkness. I acquired a DANGEROUS looking new yard tool.

A man, a plan, sharp objects, and PBR. What can go wrong?

I used my implement of destruction to do battle with a frightful foe: The Himalayan Blackberry.

Pictured: pure, concentrated, thorny EVIL

It was a long and protracted battle. Those blackberries fought dirty.

“Stand back or the hydrangea GETS IT”

In the end, I emerged victorious and turned those vicious vines into oh so much mulch.

You don’t mess with the grass-hook

However, in the words of Tom Robbins “blackberries spread so rapidly that dogs and small children [are] sometimes engulfed and never heard from again.” I need to stay on top of this. Luckily it’s a project that I’m looking forward to!

4) Turn this blog into…something

I enjoy blogging. I want to keep at it. I love the opportunity to interact with my friends, family, and other bloggers through this platform. I want to keep up the blogging, develop my voice as a writer, expand my audience, and start incorporating different kinds of posts into my repertoire. I also want to be better about responding to comments! I know that I don’t always get to them right away, but I love hearing what people have to say, and I value the input and interaction!

marathonsam is going places…I’m not sure quite where yet, but stay tuned.

5) Keep in touch with my friends

Life is busy. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and lose contact with the people you love. During May, I reconnected with an old friend from college, when Amy visited. I took a nice walk with Other Sam, Katie, and Porter yesterday.

New BFFs

However, I am terrible about replying to voicemails, and emails. I am a serial bailer. I hate that I keep canceling plans on people. I enjoy my friends’ company, why don’t I actually take advantage of opportunities to spend time with them? I want to know what’s going on in my friends’ lives, why can’t I just pick up the phone? Life is busy, but life is always going to be busy. Life is also way too short and way too awesome not to share with the people that you love.

I love and miss all of these people. (All Cal Steamboat 2k11)


Thanks for reading! Those are my goals for this month! What are YOURS?

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  1. I am into instant gratification ,and the garden is a great place to get it!,with all the blood ,sweat,and tears,plus dirt you want!! Pulling weeds can be strenuous,as can digging beds for veggies or ornamentals!My favorite strenuous garden activity is moving flagstone for retaining walls. I will be doing a bit of all these things tomorrow . Gardening is meditative exercise ,enough to fill my week!!


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