Patti is wide awake in America!

My mom just woke up from neurosurgery! We just got shuffled out of the post-operation area in order for the nurses to move her to her own room in the ICU. She is tired, and hooked up to a million tubes and wires (seriously, they installed a drain, an IV port, and possibly an Ethernet hook-up). Most importantly she is lucid, if a little loopy from the opiates. I want to thank everybody SO sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, for all of the positive thoughts and good vibrations sent towards our family today! Those well wishes must have helped: the surgery went really well. I am so grateful for the expressions of love and support; apparently the magic worked. I always knew that my friends were magnificent and magical, thanks for lending my family some of your collective cosmic karma today. We are feeling deeply blessed.


With all of my love, and all of my heart: thank you! If you, or one of your loved ones ever needs any help, be it physical, spiritual, emotional, magical, or scientific, let me offer my thoughts, mojo, mantras, blessings, and biceps; I owe you guys!


The first thing my mom said when we walked in the room was: “I’m so glad I’m alive.”

What an excellent observation, regardless of whether you’ve just had surgery or not. What’s making you glad to be alive today?

My mom’s second item of post-op insight was:
“Maybe I’ll have oatmeal and maple syrup and pancakes for dinner.”

Today I learned four things:
1) Human beings are amazingly kind
2) Magical thinking really might work magic
3) Morphine sure is a hell of a drug
4) Oatmeal cures EVERYTHING

I guess I knew #4 already. Thank you again!

9 thoughts on “Patti is wide awake in America!

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  1. so happy to hear the good news… now let the healing begin! We’ll keep all that coming your way for days and weeks to come!


  2. Sam, you’re the best son ever! Hugs to you and your family. We’re heading to Telluride and will toast you all! I’m so happy your mom made it through surgery, must have been all those good vibrations.


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