Happy Fathers’ Day!

Salutations and jubilations to all of you attractive people out there in internet-topia. I’m afraid that I owe each an every one of you an “I’m sorry” phone call.

Good thing banana-phones let me call EVERYONE at once
Good thing banana-phones let me call EVERYONE at once

I had every intention of getting this post published yesterday! However, the combined forces of mercury in retrograde, the full moon, and a full docket of experiments conspired against my blogging productivity.

Yes I'm still running those big giant gels. Yes I'm still finding creative and alarming ways to screw them up
Yes I’m still running those big giant gels. Yes I’m still finding creative and alarming ways to screw them up

This post is dedicated to my awesome dad, in honor of Sunday’s Fathers’ Day holiday. The post might not be punctual, but the pathos is pure. Let’s put on some Bob Dylan, and let me tell you about the coolest guy I know, the man I aspire to be, my fantastic father: Ted Weaver.

My Dad has always been both an enormous source of support and inspiration to me. My Dad is a brave explorer: he always says yes to new experiences, and tries things that might be outside of his comfort zone. He started his own business, he taught himself to play guitar, he met my mom while he was hitchhiking cross-country!

My Dad (and our friend Brent) at the top of Mt. Audobon
My Dad (and our friend Brent) at the top of Mt. Audobon

I am so grateful that my Dad’s sense of adventure has enabled me to have so many so many amazing experiences. From road trips through Canada, to skiing in Silverton, backpacking in the Colorado rockies, to biking across deception pass I always have a great time wandering and wondering with my dad.

Jasper Lake, British Columbia
Jasper Lake, British Columbia

My Dad is the reason I am an endurance athlete. His transformation from a recreational swimmer to an age-grouper triathlete was a huge source of inspiration to me when I was getting into running. Not to mention the fact that he bought me my very first pair of running shoes! We’ve completed two triathlons and a half marathon together, so far. He’s a WAY faster swimmer than I am, good thing we’ve got a lot of races ahead of us for me to work on that.

Beaver Lake Triathlon 2012
Beaver Lake Triathlon 2013….RIP BLT (so sad they cancelled this race)
Seattle Marathon 2013- Two chilly Weavers getting ready to run

My Dad is incredibly smart, kind, caring, and compassionate. He supports me through the trials and travails of graduate school. He supports my mom and her complex medical needs. He supports our friends, our neighbors, and our INCREDIBLY poorly behaved dogs.

Such a cute puppy....so many carpets destroyed
Such a cute puppy….so many carpets destroyed

Through it all my Dad has maintained his sense of self, his sense of balance and his sense of humor.

Figure 1: The wild man-cow of Whidbey Island.
Figure 1: The wild man-cow of Whidbey Island.

Happy (Late) Father’s Day dad! You’ve taught me so much: the value of kindness, of being open to new experiences, the value of hard work…but maybe not the value of punctuality. I love you tons. Take it away Neil Young. I hope that I can be a lot like my Old Man someday.




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  1. What a great post in honor of your dad! I am SO glad to live next to such an awesome soul. He is always patient with our dogs, as well as the other things about us that even I find irritating. In all other areas of life he truly is a quiet warrior.


  2. Sam you’ve made my day; made my week; made my life. Frankly, it’s been a not-great day, not-great week so far, so I really needed this. Now things are looking up


  3. You probably knew that, but…

    That Dylan song is my go-to warm up when I pull out the ukulele. It’s full of minors and sevenths, and is so un-ukulele-like in general that it manages to sound great (to me anyways.) The verses are way too long and Dylanesque to play in public (unless you are, um, Bob Dylan), so I’ve only managed to memorize the first one. But maybe I should work on that, because if I memorized it all, it would carry me through, like, an entire mile at my slogging run pace.

    I’ve never seen that video; what a blast. I do know that he won the Oscar for the song, which is in Wonder Boys. So that’s Michael Douglas ghosting Dylan there at the end. And, of course, Wonder Boys was written by Michael Chabon, who also wrote some of my favorite books (Gentlemen of the Road, Manhood for Amatuers, Kavalier & Clay)!


  4. Lori, we shall be patient neighbors forever. You be accepting of dog/life and I’ll be accepting for yours, and we’ll have a good cry in the cul de sac every once in a while. Always worked for me…


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