Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Race Expo

Happy Friday friends and neighbors! I’m here to tell y’all about the Rock and Roll Seattle Marathon and 1/2 Race expo. This post is going to be short on words and long on pictures: I have an early wake up call to make it to the starting line on time. A picture is worth one thousand words, and Wordsworth was a poet. I’ll stop procrastinating with my pedestrian prose and let my snapshots (with narrative expositions bananaphoned in) tell the story.


My day began with my favorite pre-race preparatory activities: swimming, science, and a serenade of quality carbs.


I left work early to head down to ThvSounders’ Stadium for the Rock ‘n’ Roll pre-race expo.


Picking up my bib was super easy! There were no lines. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I am in the second starting corral.


After I got all of my business taken care of, I set off in search of free samples and retail therapy. I was not disappointed. Power bar was offering up some of their new products. I chose to make a protein-bar kebab.


My kebab left me thirsty, so I filled up my water bottle with tasty tri-berry flavored Nuun Electrolytes.


I picked up some peanut butter flavored Gu for fueling purposes.


The Rock ‘n’ Roll race series partners with an organization called Give Your Sole, which provides gently used shoes to less fortunate men, women, and children. I dropped off an old pair of Brooks with about 350 miles on them that I used to use for speed-work.


My big purchase at the expo was a medal display, from Sport Hooks.


I was in desperate need of an organizational concept for all of the bling I have accumulated from my various endurance events. My current system was stylish, but left a little something to be desired:


I’m quite pleased with the new addition to my decor.


Now it is time to put this blog post, and this blogger to bed! I have all of my racing requirements laid out and ready for tomorrow morning.


I’m not running this race for a personal record. I will likely finish with a time in the neighborhood of an hour and forty minutes, but I haven’t been seriously training since my marathon in May. My goals for tomorrow are to support the entire Humane Society charity athlete team with a smile on my face, enjoy the awesome bands along the course, take in the beautiful Seattle scenery, and, above all, have fun! The Competitor Group and Rock ‘n’ Roll put on great races, I’m looking forward to tomorrow! Goodnight!

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