Wellness Wednesday….is postponed until Thursday this week.

Buenas noches beautiful people! I’m feeling a little sheepish at the moment.

Baaaaaaad blogger, very very Baaaaaaaaaaaaad blogger

I started off my day with a 7 mile run, and every intention of writing up a killer recipe for the fourth installment of my Wellness Wednesday feature (previously I went over how to make broiled fish with zucchini; no-hassle hash with kale, sweet potatoes and turkey; and steamed fish with a chopped chimmichurri sauce).

Cardio and cooking are my two favorite things!

Unfortunately, some very teeny tiny, but incredibly powerful forces colluded together to turn my Wednesday into a whirlwind of chaos.

Bacillus: I love you, but our relationship is getting REALLY co-dependent



My plate was absolutely full of experiments today. I would absolutely LOVE to type up a protocol so that your plates can be full of vegetables on this Wellness Wednesday Evening, but, frankly, my microbiological mis-adventures have left me completely tuckered out.

When in doubt, eat some veggies in your yard

Benjamin Franklin said: “He who is good at making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”

Sorry, Ben
Sorry, Ben

On the other hand, Lord Philip Stanholpe, The Earl of Chesterfield, said that: “any job worth doing is worth doing well”

Hey Phil! Thanks for the shout-out
Thanks for having my back, Phil!

I think that my Wellness Wednesday posts are worthwhile. I want to be able to dedicate time to typing up the recipes. I owe it to you guys, my gentle readers, not to phone-it-in when I’m writing my blog.

Even though phoning it in via banana phone is 90% of what I do here

Wellness Wednesday has therefore officially been delayed one day. I made up a KILLER recipe for you guys that I am excited to share, and I want to do a proper post with lots of pictures. In the meantime, be happy, be well, eat your fruits and veggies (maybe turn to Carmen Miranda for some Tutti Frutti motivation), and check back in Thusday for Wellness Wednesday!


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