Monday Mantras

Happy Monday men and women! Is everybody having a phenomenal start to their week? I tried to kick off my Monday on the right (and left) foot with an easy five mile run.

20140728-133332-48812223.jpgI was charged up and ready to take on the week, after being away from lab for seven days at a conference in Illinois (a.k.a. DNA Disneyland). Unfortunately, I (literally) hit a bump in the road during my bike ride. I got a flat tire during my morning commute.

It took me SO long to find that darned hole

After unleashing a brief, colorful, stream of expletives, I located the leak, slapped a patch on the tube and re-mounted my steed for the remainder of my ride. I was feeling pretty confident in my problem-solving and bike maintenance skills until I was three blocks away from the lab; suddenly I heard a distinctive “whoosh” and felt a sinking sensation around my rear wheel.

Oh what a THRILLING development. I’m so happy I could SING

I was somewhat less than overjoyed to schlep my cycle over my shoulder and walk for three blocks wearing bike shoes. A crappy commute can set a miserable tone for the entire day. Instead of letting my less than auspicious morning’s mechanical misadventures ruin my whole week, I decided that today would be a perfect opportunity to share a few positive mantras. Sometimes simply saying an affirmation can trigger a much-needed attitude adjustment. Here’s a couple of simple sayings to remind us that the world, overall, is a pretty great place.





I hope everybody’s week is off to a great start! If it isn’t…well, you have nowhere to go but up!


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