Motivational Monday: be awesome

Guten tag groovy guys and gals. I hope everybody is starting this merry monday well rested from any weekend shenanigans. May your commutes have been as smooth as your coffees are strong as we get ready to take a big old bite out of the coming workweek.

Dog is my co-pilot...I'm totally lying, I commute by bike
Dog is my co-pilot…I’m totally lying, I bike to work

My Monday began with a typical one-two-three punch of cardio, carbohydrates, and bike commuting.

I do NOT love that the days have started getting shorter and my runs are yet again veering into vampire territory
I do NOT love that the days have started getting shorter and my runs are yet again veering into vampire territory
I DO love oatmeal...always and forever.
I DO love oatmeal…always and forever.

fuji bikeI’m recovering nicely from Saturday’s triathlon. My legs felt fine during my run and my ride: I’m a little saddle-sore, and my shins are tight, but every other part of me seems to be ship-shape and bristol fashion.

I have no idea what that means either...
I have no idea what that means either…but I’m really good at driving boats

Mondays are tough. It’s hard to get back into the groove of the week when you’re still re-living the glory of the weekend. Friday seems pretty far away when you’re behind on emails before lunchtime, and your experiments are already going wrong in new and bizarrely unexpected ways.

Lesson learned: a pyrex baking dish will NOT fit on that platform shaker after all
Lesson learned: a pyrex baking dish will NOT fit on the platform shaker after all

Sometimes I tell myself positive affirmations or mantras to chase away the Monday malaise. Today I think I’ll take a different tactic: I’m going to share a couple of stories about awesome people doing extraordinary things. Rather than dwelling on the infinite inconveniences that sap your inspiration, let’s marvel at what human beings are capable of and decide to swim upstream against what’s in our way.

Swim upstream guys. We got this!
We’ve got this.

Without further ado, here are the awesome individuals that are motivating me this week.

1) Mo’ne Davis

I love that the best pitcher in little league baseball right now is a 13 year old girl from Philadelphia. I love that Mo’ne Davis throws a 72 mile-per-hour fastball (which, because of the fact that the mound is closer to the plate in little-league, is equivalent to a 90 mph pitch in the big leagues!). I love that Mo’ne Davis’ lucky charm is to keep money in her back pocket because: “It’s just that I do well when I’ve got money in my back pocket. And I know if I ever get hungry, I know I can get something to eat because I’ve got money.” I love that she seems like a genuinely down-to-earth, well rounded kid in interviews.

2) Sage Canaday

Sage Canaday is an Oregonian trail and ultra-runner living in Boulder, Colorado. His instagram feed is a totally awesome combination of spectacular scenic vistas, and vegan food-porn. Sage Canaday’s athletic accomplishments and devotion to healthy living are always inspiring. This weekend he knocked another achievement into the upper atmosphere by leading team U.S.A to a commanding victory at the Pikes Peak Ascent Trail Race.

The Pike’s Peak Ascent gains 7,815 vertical feet over the course of 13.32 miles. That is no joke. I officially give up my right to complain about the hills of Seattle EVER again.

3) Sister Madonna Buder

Sister Madonna Buder is an 84 year old nun from Spokane who does Iron Man Triathlons. She is the oldest person ever to complete an ironman (at IM Canada in 2012), and was recently inducted into the triathlon hall-of-fame. Technically she no longer competes at the full-Iron distance (her last event was Kona, 2012), and has been using her “retirement” to focus on the marathon, and half-iron distance. In between training she STILL finds time for volunteer service, and community outreach in the pacific northwest. Sister Buder’s attitude to training and living life is exuberant and reverent. She always races hard because: “”I owe it to posterity to give it my all.” She maintains a healthy diet, but isn’t dogmatic about her choices: “I have done nothing knowledgable to pollute my body; except, maybe a drink when it’s necessary.” She sees her training and competing as an act of devotion and celebration: “As long as my body is in motion, it doesn’t matter what it’s doing … as long as it’s oiled!”

Have a WONDERFUL week everybody. Keep your bodies well oiled, in motion, and have a drink if it’s necessary. 

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  1. Patti’s cousin Karen and her husband Mark have done the Pike’s peak climb/marathon/trail run many many times. I think they are even something like a day apart (or maybe a week), and they’ve done both races in the same year. Pretty amazing. I think Karen’s knees are giving out so she’s “slowing down”.


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