The Sound of Music

Aloha athletes!

Hang loose bruh!
Hang loose bruh!

I’m pecking out this post with a spring in my step and a song in my heart, gentle readers. Would anybody care to hazard a guess why this plucky Ph.D. candidate blogger is in such a merry mood?

Good guess, but the emergency bottle of two-buck chuck I keep in my desk remains intact. For now.
Good guess, but the emergency bottle of two-buck chuck I keep in my desk remains intact. For now.

I’m feeling elated and elevated because yesterday evening was my induction into an organization that guarantees a lyrical and lovely outlook on life. Don’t worry, gentle readers, I haven’t joined a cult or gone gluten-free.

They look happy.
They look happy.
THESE look depressing.
THESE look depressing.

The reason I’m feeling so merry is because yesterday night was my first choir practice with the O.K. Chorale.

What have I gotten myself into?

I am not a singer by any stretch of the imagination. I did musical theater in high school, and I took a gospel choir class in college, but it’s been YEARS since I have sang in a group. I don’t know how to read music, and I wouldn’t know a harmonic major chord if it bit me in the ass. E sharp major might as well be a hashtag on twitter for all of my music theory knowledge.

Plus...I'm a tenor
Plus…I’m a tenor

Fortunately, the OK Chorale doesn’t care about any of that. Our fearless leader started the rehearsal by emphasizing that the goal of this choir is not to achieve technically perfect four part harmony, but rather to get people singing in a way that works for them. Last night we went over a few of the songs we’ll be learning over the course of the next 8 weeks. I’d like to share these terrific tunes with you, my gentle readers. These melodies are going to be stuck in my mind for the rest of the day, maybe y’all can hum this classic music along with me.

You’re Just in Love (Irving Berlin)

God Only Knows (Brian Wilson)

Finnegan’s Wake

Bonnie Doon


As you can see, we’re mostly doing classics, with some Irish and Scottish folk tunes. I was pretty thrilled to see some Beach Boys included into the mix. Enjoy the listening.

What’s making YOU happy, lately?


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