Pardon my dust…

Hi ho, hi ho gentle readers! How are you doing on this delightful Thursday? I hope that you aren’t feeling dwarfed by deadlines as we come to the conclusion of another workweek.

This guy NEVER misses a deadline.
This guy NEVER misses a deadline.

Astute observers may have noticed certain…changes around this little corner of the internet.

It's not the full moon...what's going on?
It’s not the full moon…what’s going on?

If you came to this blog looking for Marathonsam, running rascal and raconteur, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. However, as I continue in my quest for global domination effective scientific communication, I’ve decided that my online presence should more accurately reflect my daily identity.

Spandex-wearing, scientist, freakazoid is probably the most accurate description.
Spandex-wearing, scientist, freakazoid is probably the most accurate description.

I’m going to keep on blogging about runningthe things I like, racing, the environment, running, food, and, occasionally, running. However, I realized that calling myself “marathonsam” in perpetuity limits the scope and scale of what I hope to accomplish with this blog. After all, I can’t run races ALL of the time.

If only...
If only…

Welcome to the new-and-improved melange of miscellany, now entitled “Million-Weaver’s Musings.” It’s totally different, but pretty much the same as Using my real name, however, lends this plucky Ph.D. candidate just a little bit more gravitas as I build up my portfolio of science writing posts. After registering a shiny new domain name, I decided to tinker with the formatting and layout of my little blog as well. Please excuse any (additional) weirdness as I get my pages organized, eyes crossed, and tees dotted.

My social media guru approves
My social media guru is still helping me sort out the kinks.

If you notice anything that impedes your enjoyment of Million-Weaver’s musings, drop me a comment so that I can get everything ship-shape. If you read something you like and you have any questions, send me an email. Finally, before I sign off for today, let’s appreciate some high culture: Lou Henry Hoover and Kitten LaRue’s elegant rendition of truly classical piece.  (warning, this video is a seriously strange and wonderful burlesque performance, therefore it may not be appropriate for conservative workplaces, like the supreme court)

Have a thrilling Thursday!

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