Surprise road trip!

Namaste from Nederland! 

It’s kinda foggy here

I’m blogging from my parents’ living room on a cool Colorado day. It’s great to be back in the Rocky Mountains, but I almost can’t believe that I’m ACTUALLY in Boulder county right now! I certainly was not planning for a cross country trip this weekend, but after submitting my dissertation to my reading committee last Thursday, I found myself staring down the barrel of a totally empty to-do-list.  

wait- my bench is clean, i don’t have a million experiments? I don’t know what free time is!

Faced with the terrifying prospect of free time while I’m waiting on feedback from my reading committee, I made a completely rational, reasonable, decision: let’s pack up all of my shit into a trailer and drive across the country! 

“rational?” I don’t DO rational!

Seventy two short hours later I have unloaded and dispensed with the trailer. Now I’m sipping tea with my dog, reflecting on the short, strange, whirlwind trip  I took this weekend. Walk along with me through my photos, it’s Sam’s Nomadic Journey by the Numbers.

Cumulative miles covered by Subaru:  1418


Cumulative miles covered by Mizunos: 14.7 


Total refueling (human & car) stops: 7 

i THOUGHT i found the biggest salad ever in Montana
until an (obviously inebriated) Subway employee in Wyoming blew my mind to pieces

Capacity in gallons of my Subaru’s gas tank: 15

Catastrophic fuel emergencies narrowly avoided: 1 


Ounces of motel coffee-pot oatmeal consumed: 8  


Pounds of specialty artisan Montana-Grown oatmeal purchased: 6 


Length in feet of my copilot: 2.5 


Cups of gas-station coffee consumed: 12 

i’m not proud of this.

Packages of gum masticated (it means chewed! Pervert): 6 

i’m even less proud of this

Instances I caught myself totally rocking out to a jamming tune on the radio before I realized I was tuned to Wyoming’s Christian Lite Metal Channel: 2 

I’m REALLY not proud of this

Buffalo encountered: 0 

where are they?

Brushes with the law: 1 

no you cant keep running past this sign.

Time (in seconds) per mile that thunder sounds after a lightning strike: 5 


Automotive incidents between Seattle and Nederland: 0 


Automotive incidents between Nederland and the Uhaul drop-off: 1 

 Number of lynchpins associated with trailer-hitch when departing Seattle:1

Number of lynchpins associated with hitch when trailer started swerving alarmingly 10 blocks away from the Uhaul dealership: 0

Number of straps and screwdrivers needed to jury-rig a barely street legal solution and return my trailer: 3 & 2, respectively.

All-in-all, aside from the minor brush with disaster at the end, I’d say this was a highly successful trip! 

Keep trucking’!

one of these things is not-like the other

7 thoughts on “Surprise road trip!

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  1. So, how long are you in town? And, that has to be the closest to running out of gas I’ve seen in awhle! Let’s go for a ride or something…at least get a visit in….


    1. I’m only here through Thursday this go-around. I wish we’d be able to sneak a ride, but we might have to rain-check randoneurring until summer this go-around (also, apparently I brought the rain with me for muddy-May, do you have a line on a fat bike?)

      I’ll pester my folks about heading over to say hi.


  2. I just laughed through that entire post. I can’t believe you just moved back!? Just like that! I’ve had a ‘new’ place for like 2 weeks and still haven’t moved! I’ll be in Denver may 30-June 3! Will you still be there? I also can’t believe you’re still repping Sentury. Well done, sir.
    You are amazing, Sam. You submitted your dissertation for review!! Yayyy! Congratulations, my accomplished friend!


    1. LIZ! I kinda laughed my way across the entire country…I’m glad my antics were amusing! I haven’t moved back forever, I’m going back to Seattle at the end of this week to give a talk, clean out my freezer, and defend the beast.
      Tragically I will JUsT miss you! My defense is the 28th, and I won’t be back yet :(.

      Congrats on getting a new place! Do you have space to garden? Get some boxes…and wine…God moving is the worst.


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