Sam’s Pedal-Powered Odyssey, Days One and Two: Seattle to Yakima

Hello from whacky Yakima! 

Yakima: The Palm Springs of Washington
My campsite campsite has 3G coverage, so I thought I’d put together a quick blog post to update everybody on my cross-country bike tour progress.  

The view from here.
 Although I’m running the VERY real risk of draining my cell phone battery and thus cutting myself off from Instagram for the next 24 hours, I wanted to share a few snapshots while the memories are fresh in my mind.  

This was the view from my campsite last night.
To bring everybody up to speed, I’m riding my bike from Seattle to Colorado. 

Goodbye, Emerald City! It’s been real!
 Tuesday morning I packed my Panniers, slammed some oatmeal, and mounted my steed.  

What have I gotten myself into?
He’s off!
Yesterday I covered 78 miles, to camp on the border of Mt. Rainier National Park. 

On the way I saw some inspirational messages.

It started POURING rain right after iI snapped this photo. Bad omen?
I did not encounter any legendary beasts, thankfully. 

‘Til next time, Sasquatch.
My campsite was awesome! I had a GREAT view. 

 I also found a nine-and-a-half foot diameter Douglas Fir tree! 

 Naturally, I took the opportunity to get my “Lorax” on. 

I speak for the bacteria that live in the trees
Today started with oatmeal. 

Everything tastes so much better outdoors!
Properly carbohydrated, I proceeded to bike 88 miles. 

Twenty of those miles happened to go up and over The Cascades. 

4,500 vertical is NOT a joke.
    Luckily my wet and rainy ride up the mountains took me through some of the most GOURGEOUS parts of the Pacific Northwest. 


I passed the time slogging uphill by singing Lucinda Williams songs and repeating the mantras: “turn it to burn it to earn it” & “the only way out it over and through so keep pedaling sugarlips, that’s what you DO.” Right when I thought I couldn’t go on, I was freeZing, soaking wet, and seriously questioning my sanity, I reached the summit! 

Snow. In June!?
 From there it was smooth, dry, incident-free downhill sailing all the way to Yakima.  

OK, one minor incident. Get your trails in order, Whack-ima
It is time for this biking Bedouin to put himself to bed. Tomorrow, I take Washington Wine Country BY STORM!  

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