Sam’s Pedaling Pilgrimage, Day Three: Yakima to Prosser

Hello from Washington Wine Country! 


More specifically, hello from the wonderfully appointed Wine Country RV park, in Prosser. 


As delightful and shady as my assigned campsite is, I’m not composing this blog post from inside my tent. Rather, I’m sharing the details of today’s tour from a decidedly more…luxurious locale. 

Not exactly roughing it.
 After fifty miles in the saddle today (and yesterday’s MEGA-mileage up and over the cascades), I’m pleased as punch that my accommodations for this evening fall firmly into the “glamping” category of outdoor activities. 


As for today’s ride itself, the route was nothing to write home about. Eastern Washington is pastoral, idyllic, agricultural, and, frankly, a little boring to bike through. 

Country roads…take me home…
 I did enjoy seeing the extensive orchards that produce my favorite fruits. 

Rainier Cherries!
 I did NOT enjoy smelling the dairy farms that produce my milk and cheese.  

Why am I upside-down? Did the eau de cow-dung literally knock me over?
  The entire trip wasn’t an olfactory ordeal. Midway through my ride, a cool breeze blew a bewitching aroma past my be-helmeted head. I looked left and realized that I was riding past a beautiful field of luscious smelling mint. 

Like a breath of fresh air!
 Other than the odiferous experiences, the highlight of today’s ride was probably the sandwich I had for lunch.  

It was a really good sandwich…
I’m glad for the relative short day of riding today. I’m also glad that there will be complementary wine tasting at the RV park this evening! 

Pictured: true endurance athelete fuel.
  Sayonara! Tomorrow I head for Pendelton, Oregon.


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