Sam’s Gear-Headed Gallavantings, Day Eight: Vale to Boise

Bonjour from belle Boise! 

Let your hair down, stay a while.
 The sixty-six miles between Vale and Boise were blessedly bereft of ANY significant climbs. After yesterday’s misadventures, my legs sorely needed the day of easier spinning! 

Not even a thousand feet of gain! This is the least I’ve climbed all trip!
 I’m hunkered down for the night in an RV park on the banks of the Boise River. 

  Even though today’s mileage was comparatively mellow, it’s been MAJORLY hot outside. Staying hydrated has been my number one priority for the day! 

 The heat almost has me at a loss for words, so with your permission, I think that I’m going to let my photos from today do the blogging. If a pictures’ worth a thousand words, I’m about to drop a Moby Dick-level portfolio of images on y’all. Enjoy!  

Goodbye Vale!
Yup, pretty scenic.
“Watch my bike, OK guys?”
“Hey there, sugar”
The Snake River!

Parenthetically, the last time I saw the Snake River I was floating in a raft on top of it with some of my dearest friends. Maybe I can convince a few of those boatmen to become bike-men for the next trip.  
Later, Oregon…I’m done with you!
Bring on the Potatoes!


Who shops here?

The sandwich didn’t blow my mind, but the homemade huckleberry vinaigrette was to-die! My waitress, Miss Alicia, my have been the sweetest woman on the entire planet; however, I’m skeptical of her claim that the prime rib platter with a baked potato constitutes a “nice light lunch.” Only in Idaho.

More cloud-porn
Used two whole tubes
Fashionable AND multifunctional!
Cumulonimbus cloud-porn
Made it!
Hello, lover…someday you WILL be mine!

Hey! I DID come here from Seattle!

Stay cool, friends! Tomorrow I head for Mountain Home!  

4 thoughts on “Sam’s Gear-Headed Gallavantings, Day Eight: Vale to Boise

Add yours

  1. so you’ve already gone 407 miles?!? amazing!!

    Glad the dogs kept your bike safe and that you had an easier day today. That IS hot! Keep it moist, Sam. But by moist I mean hydrated :) Hopefully as you head east it’ll cool down. Dog speed, my friend! You’re a badass.


  2. I love Stinker! I shop there…well, whenever I’m in Boise, which was on the trip home from the Whidbey summer trip.

    So glad to see that the temperature felt like 97. Thank God for the wind chill, otherwise you might have gotten hot.

    Yes, you are definitely a badass.

    Liked by 1 person

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