Sam’s Roadbike Ramblings, Day Nine: Boise to Mountain Home

Mazel Tov from Mountain Home! 

KOA is A-OK as long as I’ve got you, babe.
 Today’s mileage was, comparatively speaking, minor. 

Piece of cake.
 However, some MAJOR milestones concerning the progress of mypilgrimage  happened during today’s pedaling!  

I can’t believe I’ve been at this for nine days.
 Won’t you walk along with me while I tell you what happened between Boise and Mountain Home (with plenty of cloud-porn pictures thrown in for good measure) 

Idaho, STOP, you just SLAY me!
 I woke up this morning to the sound of ponies scampering on what I can only assume is an equine-treadmill. 

Horses got to get their cardio too I guess.
I cooked up my breakfast using the VERY last ounces of fuel in my stove. 

 Yes- MAJOR MILESTONE #1: I’ve exhausted my first fuel canister, but don’t worry–I brought a big back-up!

Now we’re cooking with gas, baby!
The timing of this event could not have been more perfectly coordinated. When I packed for my trip I aliquoted my meals into individual portions, and divided them between my forward and rear saddlebags. This morning’s breakfast and yesterday’s dinner diminished my supplies, bringing me to MAJOR MILESTONE #2: I RAN OUT OF FOOD (in my front panniers). 
 Obviously, I brought enough oatmeal to feed an army and sufficient quinoa to quiet a Quetzalcoatl-sized appetite; however my back up stores were buried under my warm clothes in my rear panniers. 

Going hungry AIN’T in the cards.
 I like to ride with 60% of my total load’s weight in the front racks. In order to maintain proper balance in the universe, this evening I undertook MAJOR MILESTONE #3: Unpacking and redistributing my belongings between my panniers. It was an EVENT. I’ll spare you the gory details. Here’s some nice clouds, instead. 

I mentally gave myself the middle finger a few times while I went through my worldly possessions. I thought that I was packing only the essentials. Instead I identified several (large, heavy) items that I haven’t used a single stinking time and a few small sundries, acquired out of necessity along the way that I reach for MANY times per day. I’ll do a longer post later on what I’ve learned are the absolutely necessary accoutrements for bike touring, and I’ll give you a hint: it’s a short list. 

This padlock, for instance has refused to open since I summitted the Cascades. You are looking at the world’s worst security system/best piece of biking-ballast
Bike-touring will extinguish any pernicious pack-rat tendencies. Now, back to the action! Where were we? 
Ocean View? You MUST be high.
  Oh yes, we were leaving Boise. The ride out of town was lovely. Boise has an excellent bike-path called The Greenbelt, which parallels the Boise River. 

  Conditions were cool and cloudy, a welcome respite from yesterday’s SCORCHER! 

Yup, I could get used to this!
  On my way out of town I pedaled past Simplot’s headquarters; they’re the company that came up with the first FDA-approved cisgenic GMO potato! 

I still care about these things!
 Although the route between Boise and Mountain Home was mostly flat and straight, I started feeling slow and sluggish by the end of my effort. A quick inspection of my trusty steed at the campsite confirmed my suspicions that my rear tube wasn’t holding air. I got out my levers, and did some maintenance for MAJOR MILESTONE #4: The Tour Claims its First Tube! 
Frankly, after my backcountry bushwhacking in Oregon, I’m shocked my bike still has WHEELs
Finally, and most importantly, let’s  talk about lunch. 

This place looks promising!
MAJOR MILESTONE #5: I opted for roast beef instead of turkey! 
I dont even know who I am any more!
  It was kind of a let-down. A nine-dollar let-down.

Second place in the nation…looks like someone’s gettin’ a little big for his britches!
Sam’s law of road-house reverse-proportionality is delineated thusly: the price paid for, and probability of enjoyment of truck-stop sandwiches are strictly inversely correlated. Give me a down-and-out dive with a delightful waitress over an upscale haute-couture-trucker shiny-travel-plaza any day of the week! 
Please don’t kidnap me.
 Thanks for reading, friends. I’m not sure what the 3G coverage will be like at my next few stops, but I’ll do my best to check in when I can. 


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  1. Roastbeast? I hope your digestion is rolling along with you, and I like to think you are enjoying the occaisional dessert. Have you found zinkO for the nose & any other vulnerable surfaces like shoulders arms, neck, etc. ? I am trying to back my mother/nag down. It’s not working well because my mother/worryfreak is screaming in my bad addled brain canyon. Sorry. Sleep sweet. L&L mom


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