Sam’s Carbon-Free Cross-Country Cycling Catastrophe, Day Ten: Mountain Home to Fairfield

Hello from Fairfield, Idaho: The Friendliest town on the planet! 

A nice lady named Colleen just gave me a glass of lemonade!
 I did not make it quite as far as I intended on today’s touring. 

Believe me though, this was ENOUGH.
 Right now I’m camped in Fairfield city park. 

It’s a nice park!
Maybe I’ll take a turn on the swings later
Before anybody starts to worry, let me assure you that I checked in with the sheriff before I set up my tent, and he told me: “go right ahead, please enjoy our nice community.” 
I told you, people are SO nice here!
 I limped into Fairfield around three pm this afternoon on a rapidly deflating rear tire and rampantly depleted glycogen stores.  

Thankfully, the lovely Ms. Lorrie at the Fairfield information center welcomed me inside to sit down and collect my wits, she then pointed me in the direction of my current outdoor accommodations. 
Seriously, this woman is my angel for today.

 The reason I was so verklempt and exhausted upon my arrival into town is likely because the miles between Mountain Home and Fairfield this morning featured some substantial periods of protracted climbing. 

Summits for breakfast!
 The fact that my intended stopping point for lunch in Hill City was definitively shuttered may have also contributed to my delerium. 

 Luckily I had some fast-digesting sports drink mix stashed in my bag to power my pedaling. 

Sugar and caffeine…I’ll take it.
 Unfortunately, I wasn’t super-stoked to get my water bottle all nasty and sticky with my “hydration-fuel-mix,” so I did what any reasonable human being would do. 

Wanna make out?
 Despite my multiple brushes with disaster, I’m still going strong and stoked to be on tour. I patched up my tube as best I could. 

Never leave home without duct-tape and superglue
 Also, because this is Idaho, the scenery was FANTASTIC today! Enjoy some cloud-porn. I’m going to go watch the Fairfield Children’s Christian Camp sing their summer concert (Lorrie invited me, did I mention how NICE people are in Fairfield?) 


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