Sam’s Twenty-Speed Travelogue, Day 11: Fairfield to Arco (with a detour to Hailey)

Aloha from Arco, Idaho! 

The cloud-porn is as awesome as ever!
 The theme of today’s post is: GRATITUDE.

I am SO grateful the kind citizens of Fairfield, Idaho. The friendly denizens of that little slice of paradise not only tolerated a crazy-looking cyclist camped out in their park yesterday night, but they invited me to a church supper and fed me full-to-bursting with pulled pork, potato salad, and watermelon.

This was the second of three helpings!
 I am SO grateful to the friendly gentleman named Ted (and his grandchildren) who picked me up from the side of the road six miles outside of Fairfield after my last spare tube failed. My tour was perilously close to coming to a premature end of the hadn’t provided me a ride to Hailey, and the only bike shop for 30 miles in either direction. 

Guess where these kind people were from? Fairfield.
 It was highly strange to traverse the landscape in a truck after 11 straight days of cycling, but the brief detour got me back in the business of relentless pursuing forward progress! 

The flying diagonal is where I hit pause on the recording to hitchhike to Hailey.
 I am incredibly grateful that the merry mechanics at Sturtos of Sun Valley outfitted me with a new tire, tubes, and enough energy gels to bike to THE MOON!   

This is a good place.
Poor, sad little Fuji.
Good riddance, old tire! Three tubes and a lot of tears later, we’re THROUGH
I can take on ANYTHING!

I am astronomically grateful that today, I DID, in fact, bike to the moon. 

I’m grateful that I got a chance to chat with some fellow bike-touring fools while we checked out the Lunar landscape. 

These guys are going to Bozeman!
 Craters of the Moon is simply incredible. I can’t imagine what the original settlers crossing the country thought when they encountered a vast, desolate, lava-flow right in the middle of the great southern basin. 

“Hell’s Bells!”

I had intended to camp at Craters of the Moon this evening. Upon my arrival, however, I noticed two salient features of the extraterrestrial surroundings: an excess of heat and an equally abundant absence of shade.

Dont the Winnebagos kind of look like little space ships?
I’m grateful that, possessed of a modicum of the good sense that God gave gravel, I made the decision to forge ahead in search of more Komfortable accommodations. 

Kan’t Komplain at the KOA!
I’m grateful that Angela, the camp hostess, after I told her that I biked from Hailey, insisted that I sleep in the Teepee rather than setting up my tent this evening. 

How. And how can I refuse a TEEPEE!?
 I’m gluttonously grateful that Angela (a total sweetheart) hosts an ice-cream social that benefits the Kids Kare Kamp every day. 
These scoops are for you, Mom!
Today’s tour reminded me why I love riding my bike and the country I am riding it through. After my THIRD blowout this morning, just outside of Fairfield, I hit an emotional nadir. I felt exhausted, lonely, saddle-sore, and like a totally fraudulent biker who couldn’t keep his tires inflated. Every single human being I interacted with today, however, has been so genuinely kind and encouraging that by the end of the afternoon I found my mojo again and the miles started flying by. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I am so lucky to have the opportunity to bike across this beautiful country, and interact with the beautiful people who populate the land. I love America for the scenery, but also for all of the Americans who greet a spandex-clad freakazoid on wheels with open minds and open hearts.
GRATITUDE is my attitude! Idaho falls tomorrow.

 And one more parting shot.


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  1. May all the people you meet in your travels be filled with kindness light and joy , and may they recognize that you are too. The family of light and the tribe of love is everywhere, and the world is filled with angels. Some times we have to ask for their help and sometimes we just have to recognize them , open our hearts and smile. Kitty doo doo, kitty doo doo, oooo eeee oooo. Thank you for reminding me. Love mom

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