Sam’s Bicycling Blitzkreig, Day 12: Arco to Heise

Hello from Heise. 

I’m thrilled to be here!
 I am totally tuckered out after 93 miles in the saddle today. 

Stick a fork in me, I’m DONE
 Sometimes bike touring is a magical, colorful character-filled journey through idyllic countryside. And sometimes touring is a long lonely slog     against a headwind through some majorly monotonous landscape. 

That’s a nicely-shaped Butte.
 The sixty six miles between Arco and Idah Falls are almost entirely desolate and deserted. I spent a LOT of time watching the white line beneath my wheels and singing “Casey Jones” to myself.  

66 miles of this…
 The region of the country I was riding through falls under the auspices of Idaho National Laboratories: a strictly classified, top-secret, atomic energy research area. 

Nothing to see here folks (is that a black helicopter?)
 Five hours of riding later, I was overjoyed to leaves those particular sixty miles behind me. Unfortunately, the first signs of civilization that I saw upon reaching Idaho Falls didn’t exactly fill me with warm-fuzzy feelings. 

I don’t think I’m in Fairfield anymore!
I decided to press forward post-haste, and set my sights towards Heise. In retrospect, I may have judged Idaho Falls too harshly from my first impressions; there were some nice sights to be seen as I rode through downtown. 

I do love the Snake River
Oh…there are waterfalls. I get it.

 Regardless, I don’t regret my decision to pedal onward to Heise for one hot minute.  

MUCH nicer.
My campground is pretty crowded, but the neighbors are friendly. Travis, who occupies the closest tent, collects Shoshone arrowheads, he said he’d show me some later. 

I miss the KOA…
I’m going to hit the hay early this evening. It’s been a long day and I’ve got some big climbs ahead of me tomorrow.

Keep on keepin’ on!  

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