Sam’s Velocipedal Vagrancy, Day 14: Jackson to Boulder, Wyoming

Bountiful tidings from Boulder, Wyoming. 

Not a single Whole Foods or LuluLemon in sight…this CERTAINLY is different from the other Boulder
Today was tough.  I spent 78 miles battling a headwind from the Southeast as I climbed my way out of the Bridger-Teton national forest and into central Wyoming. 
I was sad to leave the Tetons in my rear view mirror, especially because I LOVE Jackson (I’ve spent some time skiing at the resort) and wish I could have spent some time enjoying the downtown during my all-too-brief stopover. Yet momentum demands that the TOUR move relentlessly forward, so I applied pedal to pavement and followed highway 89 south. Fortunately, the Hoback River kindly provided me with some luscious landscapes to savor as I was leaving. 

And lo, the Hoback River ran red with mud!
Until next time, Tetons.
As I ascended out of Brondurant Valley, the meteorology began to match my melancholy mood. The mighty wind I battled brought storm clouds on it’s coattails. 
Uh Oh
 I spent the next forty miles pedaling like a maniac through cold, spitting rain attempting to outrun the thunderheads. I sang “Singin’ in the Rain” and “You are my Sunshine” at the top of my lungs while I rode.  

Maybe I can out-bike Thor?
Trouble ahead, trouble behind. And you know that notion, just crossed my mind.
 Every dark cloud has a silver lining: this chilly, exhausted little biker arrived at his campsite to find that the host had just baked oatmeal-raisin cookies! 

She made them on THE GRILL! Highlight of my millenium!
Have a groovy evening everyone. tomorrow I tackle Rock Springs! 

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    1. Thanks Grandpa! I’m enjoying my travels. Writing the blog helps me collect my photos and thoughts and remember all that I’ve seen…a little like your awesome books from your trips (though more sarcastic, and less comprehensive)


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