Sam’s Chain-Lubed Crusade, Day 15: Boulder to Rock Springs.

Hello friends, I’m Rockin’ and Rollin’ in Rock Springs, Wyoming! 

Hydrate or DIE!
 Today marks my 15th straight day of riding since I departed Seattle, and my fifth consecutive 80-plus mile effort. 

I made pretty good time today, though.
I am exhausted, glycogen-depleted, and I have blisters in places that I am FAR too polite to mention on this blog. 

Carmex- not just for lips anymore…
 I had to give myself an extra-encouraging mental pep-talk to force myself out of my sleeping bag this morning. 

Come on , sweet-thang, CARPE some DIEM!
 Not only have the accumulated miles begun to take their toll, my peaceful slumber was quite rudely interrupted yesterday evening by GALE FORCE winds and a FEROCIOUS thinderstorm, both of which attempted to huff, puff, and blow my tent down! 

Luckily my on-point tent- staking skills combined with good, old-fashioned American engineering kept me snug as a bug and (mostly) dry all night long! 
I love my little Alp tent. If I had disposable income I would invest in their company immediately!
Today’s riding cut a straight slightly downhill swath south through Wyoming.  The central Wyoming countryside offers about as much excitement and variety as a water-flavored lollipop. 
Nice clouds though

Open road ahead!
Midway through my ride I passed through the bustling metropolis of Eden, Wyoming: Population 206. 

Ahoy, mateys, it’s an American Land Barge!

Stay classy, Eden (nice clouds)
 I really cannot complain about 90 miles of smooth, fast riding; the miles really did fly by! Also, because it’s Wyoming, the cloud-porn was, again, biblical! 
      Nevertheless, I was exceptionally overjoyed to see the familiar yellow sign signaling the end of today’s touring and a brief respite on my journey. Not only does the KOA remain A-OK, but tomorrow is an extra special day!

My happy place! Nice butte!
  Why am I so stoked for tomorrow? 
Two very exciting things are happening in the next twenty four hours which will revolutionize the remainder of my trip. Firstly, I will be taking the day off from biking. I’m staying put in Rock Springs for an extra night to recover and recuperate before the final  four days of THE TOUR. Secondly, starting tomorrow I no longer will be flying solo. I will be joined for the last part of the trip by an extra special guest star/comrade at arms/partner in crime. 

This guy!

My awesome dad took the week off of work to ride with me from Rock Springs to Steamboat! I couldn’t be more thrilled for the excellent company and the madcap father-son hi jinks that are about to ensue! He’s rented a (ridiculous) car to drive himself and his bicycle up here to Wyoming, and together we’re going to conquer Colorado as a dynastic, dynamic, glycogen-depleted duo! 

What? This car is totally practical!
 I’m as giddy as a kid on Christmas Eve for the chance to share the end of this bike touring experience with the superhero who sired me. Flying solo has been awesome; I love relying on my grit and independence to extricate myself from sticky situations and I’ve valued the opportunity for self-reflection, but after spending 15 day and over 1,000 miles alone staring at that white line on the pavement I’m excited for the fresh perspective that will come with a traveling companion. The fact that my co-pilot will be my dad, who I totally look up to and try to emulate in all aspects of my existence, is radical icing on an already awesome cake!
I wonder how he’s going to cope with all the climbing? We’ve got some delightful hills between us and our final destination!

7 thoughts on “Sam’s Chain-Lubed Crusade, Day 15: Boulder to Rock Springs.

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  1. Dear Sam, Dad is very pumped for your ride together!!! It’s 1:30 AM and he’s almost totally packed. He has been bustin ass to be ready and unburdened by work for a week, and he is!! WoooHooo!! He is bringing vitamin I, if pain in his back shows on his face encourage him to self medicate PRN!! He will drive himself relentlessly to match your pace, yes,,, your type A tendencies are an inhieritence from him. However the aliterative leaning language is my verbal tick to you. I am so proud of you both!!!!!!! Keep a white light( make sure Dad is adequetly illuminated) and come SAFE HOME! Please…. Obe , Gatsby and I will be waiting with baited breath . Love Mom


    1. Sam – I heard that Dad was on his way to join your adventure Hope he brings more cookies! Rest up, finish strong and have some fun. Looking forward to catching up in Ned this summer. – LU Annie

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like a great trip. I remember running out of gas in Rock Springs, WY once, in the middle of the night, back in about 1978, when driving from Omaha to San Francisco. Nearly froze to death sleeping in my little VW Bug until the gas station (singular, there was only one) opened the next morning.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh! There’s A LOT more than one gas station in Rock Springs these days. I was very happy that the KOA is 9 miles outside of town, downtown Rock Springs ain’t exactly charming.

      We’ve got to compare notes on Bike-Touring adventures sometime!


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