Sam’s Carbohydrate-Fueled Cavortings, Day 16: REST DAY in Rock Springs

Hello from the safety and Komfort of the Rock Springs KOA! 

Shooting around Gas Pipelines doesnt seem too safe…
 I’m cooling my heels, waiting for my Dad to arrive, and relishing in the fact that for the first time in 15 days I didn’t have to break camp and bike onwards this morning. That’s not to say my morning hasn’t been productive: I took full advantage of my day off from pedaling to attend to a few nagging tasks that will help me finish out THE TOUR on a strong note. 

Much as the sun sets over the trailer park, so too THE TOUR draws to a close
I gave my bike a sensual chain-lube-ing and tender tire-inflation. 
Oh baby, let me take care of your tired frame!
I gave my smelly spandex a sorely-needed trip through some suds and a spin-cycle.  
My tent ALSO doubles as a laundry-drying rack. The little Alp is so versatile!
I re-packed my panniers. 

Ugh…SO MANY extraneous items!
I caught up on my correspondence. 

Hugs and Kisses from Wyoming!
 I was briefly forced to leave the kozy konfines of the KOA in order to deal with a minor formatting kerfuffle for my doctoral dissertation. Apparently this plucky Ph.D. neglected to include a copyright notice in my 157-page behemoth of a thesis. Luckily, the Sweetwater County Public Library is situated a mere two miles from my akkomodations. I armoires myself against the elements with a liberal coating of Coppertone and embarked on foot towards the hallowed hall of literacy and desktop Internet access. 

With enough SPF I can take on the world!
 The walk to the library was a perfect prescription to shake the cobwebs out of my lactic acid filled legs. I dawdled and admired the stark, sage brush filled scenery along the way. 

The cracked mud in the road has such a cool texture!
Sitting down at a computer and going through my email for the first time after 16 days riding solo on the road was NOT pleasant. The ordeal was a greater challenge to my endurance, grit, and mental stamina than my experiences climbing  the cascades, backcountry bike hiking, and a penny-nail tire puncture combined! 
Miraculously, I survived. I was overjoyed to make my way back through the Wyoming wild mustard to the safety of the KOA-oasis. 
It’s over now…we dont have to think about the real world anymore!

While I’ve got your attention, I thought it might be nice to post a few pictures from Day 6 of my journey, which took me from La Grande, Oregon to the Union Creek Campground outside of Baker City. This primitive site was one of the most scenic places I stayed so far. It’s strange to think that 10 days ago I was in OREGON, of all places. By my estimates, I’ve covered about 1,100 miles thus far; I guess 15 consecutive days of biking, combined with grit and a positive attitude is the ideal recipe to accomplish some distance! 

Enjoy these flashback-photos! My Dad’s ETA is T-Minus two hours!


60 miles seems like a piece of cake now!
Give me a boundary line and I’ll cross it!
I considered picking up a gold sample…then I remembered that ore=ROCKS


Circling crows.
 My lunch-stop from Day 6 deserves a special shout out! These days I typically push right through my entire ride in one fell swoop, relying on Gus and Clif Shot Blocks to fuel me to the finish (once I’m off the bike I like to be DONE for the day). However, I’m glad I stopped for a spell in Baker City! I’d definitely visit this place again. The Geiser Grand Hotel is a SERIOUSLY classy joint, and they do NOT take their sandwiches lightly. 
You MUST visit this establishment

I am SO underdressed!
Triple decker turkey sandwich! And that salad has a WHOLE LOAF of fresh-baked sourdough on the side. Would you like more bread woth your bread? YES!

My Campsite in the Wallowa-Whitman national forest sat right on the banks of the Malheur Reservoir. I love the unearthly lush greenery of the Pacific Northwest; living in the nation’s upper-left corner was akin to possessing dual citizenship with Narnia. 

Cool, blue, water!
This was a good place!

Sorry for the massive photo-dump. I might blog less frequently over the next four days; I don’t want to waste the privelege of my Dad’s company by tapping away on my iPhone. Rest assured that I’ll be taking photos and I’ll summarize our father-son adventures from our final destination in Steamboat, Colorado!

Over and out! Thanks for reading!

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