Sam (and Ted)’s Carbon-Forked Caravan, Day 17(1): Rock Springs to Antelope Flats

Hello from the banks of the gourgeous Green River! 

Things are groovy on the Green!
Our accommodations for the evening at the Forest Service campground at Antelope Flats feature some radically retro-futuristic sixties-era sun-shelters and a TOTALLY tubular waterfront view! 
Ain’t this straight out of the Jetsons, or WHAT?
Can’t argue with that view!

My Dad arrived in Rock Springs yesterday evening with his retrofitted-for-touring triathlon bike in the trunk and, most importantly, a treasure-trove of fresh food! This biking-blogger has been subsisting on the cache of lentils, jerky, and Clif bars I stowed in my panniers at the outset of the trip for the past sixteen days. We cooked up a feast for for kings over the campfire last night consisting of: sausages, corn on the cob, hasselbeck potatoes, onion-pepper hobo packets, and grilled peaches for dessert! 

DELICIOUS carbohydrate and protein campfire flavor EXPLOSION
We also grilled some cookies! DEFINITELY try this at home! Melty-mesquite-flavored cookies are DELECTABLE!
Last night’s dinner was the perfect carbohydrate cornucopia to fuel us for today’s sixty miles in the saddle.  
I hate it when I forget to hit “record” on Strava! If you don’t lig your workout, did you really do it?
 Our route from Rock Springs ran right along the rim of The Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. Reaching the upper edge of the canyon required over 4,000 vertical feet of climbing, however, our efforts were well-rewarded with some STUNNING scenic vistas. 

Dad, bowing to the bike-gods after 4k vert!
The Flaming Gorge is FLAMIN’ GOURGEOUS!
 Riding my bike along Flaming Gorge was a peak life experience. My pathetic iPhone camera and trivial typing a cannot possibly convey the sheer SCALE of this amazing geological formation. The canyon must be broad enough to fit the entire city of San Diego within its cavernous walls. The red rocks are reminiscent of a Martian landscape, but the fertile valley floor is as green and inviting as a sage-brush Fern Gully! Observing the layers of sedimentary rock made me wish that I was traveling with my buddy Bob or my dear friend Liz, both of whom are geologists, so that they could educate me about the eons-old history of the landscape. 

Great gorge of FIRE!
If these rocks could talk…
 Despite the welcome distraction provided by the scenery, I was particularly delighted when the road ran out of “UP” and we started descending into the valley at maximum velocity.  

THAT is a positive sign!
  I couldn’t resist stopping for a photo at the Utah state line. Checking another state off of the list is always a thrill; the prospect of seeing dinosaurs made the Wyoming border-crossing extra-special for this biking blogger and brontosaurus-aficionado!  

Dinosaurs occupy a special place in my heart and on my bicep!
  We arrived in camp shortly thereafter, tired but exhiliarated from a solid day of touring.  

I’m sorry, Mom, I think I broke Dad.
 My dad just woke up from his post-ride nap! It’s time for me to publish this post and cook us some dinner, we’ve got another great day of riding ahead of us tomorrow!   

  KEEP on keepin’ ON! 

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  1. He looks a little bent, but not broken. I’d say he looks tired but proud and satisfied! Take good care of him& make sure he uses sunsceen, you too please! Sweet dreams

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