Sam’s Cross-Country Crank comes to a Close, Day 20: Craig to Steamboat

And just like that, the journey is over. 

MADE IT! The Yampa River never looked so lovely!
 After 1,338 MILES spread over 19 days of riding and one rest day in Rock Springs Wyoming, your ever faithful biking blogger has arrived at his final destination of Steamboat, Colorado. 


Today’s ride from Craig was the shortest sojourn of my entire trip: a 40 mile victory lap along the Yampa Valley to reflect on what I’ve seen, where I’ve been, and what the heck am I going to do next!? 

Piece of cake! Chocolate cake
I’ve seen a lot, been a lot of places, and I have LOTS of crazy ideas up my sleeve!
The river is wide, the river is wise.
My dad has been riding with me since Rock Springs, Wyoming for this final 235 mile push. It’s been great to spend time together just the two of us, and I’m thrilled that we concluded our cycling together on Father’s Day.  
Love this guy. Matching hats, matching tanlines, matching positive attitudes
We’re staying overnight night in Steamboat at a friend’s house. After 20 days of sleeping in my lovely little tent, I’m actually a little sad that I won’t have the stars above my head as  I drift off to dreamland. On the other hand, that first shower after dismounting my bike was a transcendentally blissful hedonistic experience! 
We’re sleeping in a HOUSE tonight! With a roof and walls and everything!
I’ll save some longer posts with my highlights, lowlights, lessons, and advice to aspiring tourers gleaned from my galavantings for a later date for now my number one priority is making it to Strawberry Park Hotsprings for a LONG soak and some bodywork to try and ease out some of the accumulated aches and pains from my bike-weary bones.  
And beer! Beer is my number TWO priority!

I hope everyone has enjoyed following along with my journey! 

Get out and do something amazing! 

3 thoughts on “Sam’s Cross-Country Crank comes to a Close, Day 20: Craig to Steamboat

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  1. I would bet the dog you can get you Dad hankering for another adventure in the not to distant future, as soon as the pain goes away and all he remembers is Sam&Teds excellent adventure, and how vivid,alive,athletic&adventursome it made him feel!!! Not
    To mention the camraderie and bonding of being with you through miles of manly torture and testosterone!! Yous guys are supermen!!!!gentlemen!!!!athletes and heros to me! Thankyou for blogging through it, it was truly a vicarious thrill Love Mom


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