What do mechanical engineers do in Wisconsin

One of my gigs here in wonderful Wisconsin is as a science writing intern/mad scientist for the College of Engineering at UW-Madison.IMG_9921

The mechanical engineering department just hired four fantastically interesting new faculty members, and I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing each one. It turns out that Mechanical engineers do LOTS of different things: from 3D printing fake hearts to coming up with a path towards total creative freedom in design.


I wrote profiles of each of these innovative researchers, which you can find by clicking through the links below:

Sangkee Min is pushing the limits of conventional manufacturing to develop never-before imagined products.

Alejandro Roldan uses  theoretical fluid dynamics, in silico operations, and 3D printing to improve surgical outcomes.

Corinne Henak is using biomechanics and biochemistry to demystify cartilage’s perplexing properties.

Peter Adamczyk is using big data to design next generation prostheses.

I hope you enjoy my descriptions of some of the awesome science happening here at UW-Madison. Consider this post a partial atonement and a major mea culpa for my extended absence. I’ll share more cool science soon, as well as some snapshots from life lately soon.

This happened!

I hope that everyone stays safe, stays sane, and stays statistically significant over the coming Thanksgiving Holiday. But most of all, I hope everyone stays ROCKSTAR.

This happened too.  


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