Planes, buses, and automobiles

Hello from deep inside the most unpleasant bolgia of the 8th circle of traveler’s hell. 

Where’s Virgil when I need him?
I’m not sure why Dante neglected to include descriptions of the eternal tortures inflicted on erstwhile bearded bloggers errant in the original Inferno. However, I can conclusively confirm that I have landed in lucifer’s winter-timeshare: the MegaBus bound from St. Louis to Chigago. 

 Maybe I’m doing penance for my recent conspicuous lack of posting. Let this be a warning to bloggers everywhere: if you let down your readers, you may find yourself diverted to Missouri on the second-busiest travel day of 2015. 

Dear Southwest: bite me
I’ll spare y’all the gory and convoluted details as to WHY my original two-hour flight to Miluakee has metamorphosed into an all-day deathmarch involving (so far) two busses, one Subaru, one taxi, one airplane, and six handfuls of almonds.  

Almonds, tic-tacs, and the brutal slaughter of a noble native people: breakfast of champions
Let’s talk about cheerier topics! Specifically: dessert. I made something totally awesome on Christmas Eve, and I want to share it with you lovely people. 

Have a drink, and step into my kitchen
   Recently I heard a story on NPR where baking-doyenne Dorie Greenspan described her hairdressser’s recipe for boozy-slow-roasted pineapple. The protocol is dead simple: you stir together some juice, liquor, jelly, and spices; pour the mixture over a cored, cut up pineapple in a casserole dish; then stick the thing into a 300 degree oven for an hour until your kitchen smells totally awesome. 

I used about half a cup each of orange juice and gin, half a cup of raspberry jelly, and a teaspoon each of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice. I get the sense that this is a totally PhD-proof recipe, though, and almost any permutation of ingredients would yield similarly delicious results. I served the finished product with Greek yogurt and pomegranate aryls. 

PS- pineapples, much like gin and handguns, are 100% gluten-free…
The no-recipe-recipe was a smashing success! And a delightful complement to Caribbean cocktails featuring authentic Cuban Rum, courtesy of our globe-trotting comrade, Teresa. 

Feliz Navidad, indeed
This woman is my second Mom

I know it’s totally lame that after three months of near-radio silence, I’m leading off with overdramatic, overpriveleged complaints and frivolous fruity libations. My only justification is: it’s my blog, I’ll do what I want. 

Sometimes I want to Can-Can up a mountain

I hope everyone’s holidays were Merry, bright, full of love, family, and carbohydrates. Peace on earth! 

Hot sauce, nut butter, and energy bars: my kinda stocking

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  1. Well that was fun. I would have learned a few words but I’m too lazy to look them up. Since when do you wear glasses? Has your accelerate learning style aged your eyes right into,their forties? Or do they just keep the bugs out of your eyes?


    1. I’m myopic and I have astigmatism! I figured it out during my second year of the PhD…I was complaining about how blurry a speaker’s slides were at a seminar and everyone else looked at me like I was crazy, so I got an eye exam…turned out the slides weren’t blurry…I was.


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