Nine things I like about Chicago

1) A four hour bus ride flies by shockingly quickly, given good reading material.  

  2) The Hotel Palomar provides guests with some SERIOUSLY sensual robes. 

 3) Any unlicensed Chicago civilian may obtain military-grade carbohydrate devices at a moment’s notice, thanks to the dangerous masterminds at Glaze Donut Shop. 

 4) Divvy Bikes let tourists exponentially expand their exploratory radii thanks to the pedal-power of bike sharing! 


5) One of my scientific heroes, the 19th century naturalist Alexander Von Humboldt (who inspired Charles Darwin and John Muir), stands guard over his eponymous park on Chicago’s west side. 


6) Harry Caray sells “Chicago’s best chicken Vesuvio” at seven downtown locations. 

 7) A T-Rex named Sue. 

 8) Offal is not so awful in the hands of Chicago chefs. Crispy-fried pig ears, roasted beef bone marrow, and grilled octopus combine for one tasty lunch at The Purple Pig. 

 9) The architecture. 

Honorable mentions go to the Museum of Contemporary art’s Pop exhibition, and The Goodman Theater’s magical realist musical beauty pageant set in a Columbian womens prison. 


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